Never Forget: Celebrities In Von Dutch

Once upon a time, in the year 2005, the fashion gods were angry with humans, and cast upon them an evil spell. It was called: the curse of the trucker hats. In an era where a plumber butt was considered fashionable, and eating disorders were the basis of friendships, the bearer of evil tidings, Ashton… More »

Flashback Friday: Musician Edition


“Got Milk” Era Comes To An End: See Best Ads Through The Years

Every 80s and 90s kid can remember the height of the “Got Milk” ad campaigns. From the hottie Hanson boys to the super cool style of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the ads were a time capsule into different cultural moments. After 20 years, the Milk Processor Education Program is finally replacing the 20-year ads. What… More »

Miley Cyrus Bares All In Halloween Costume

So that’s what the wig was for!

While the most popular costume of the year will no doubt be inspired by the woman hereslf, Miley Cyrus continued the tradition of dressing up as her…

Remember When: Britney Spears Had The Urge To Herbal

Yes it’s true! From around 2000-2002 Britney Spears did a promotional campaign for Herbal Essences shampoo. I remember wanting nothing more but to run out and buy this shampoo the moment I saw…

Flash Back Friday: The Very First Teen Choice Awards 1999

In honor of the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday. August 11, I wanted to do a special “flash back Friday” with a gallery of the very first ever Teen Choice Awards in 1999. I can’t help but laugh at the fashion that was going on during the late 90’s but everyone rocked it…kind of. I… More »

Throwback Thursday: Keltie Colleen Dancing

Todays throwback Thursday is a beautiful little video of me dancing in High School, it’s so funny to see what was impressive back then and what is now. In my day, a triple turn was…

Backstage Pass: All Time Low 2008 vs. 2013 Interview

[kaltura id=0_hazgi4l9 autoplay=0 type=playlist]

We know you all love and adore the interviews with All Time Low from back in 2008, so we had Alex Gaskarth and

The Scenic Route: A Selena Gomez & The Scene Retrospective

Selena Gomez announced last year that her and her band, The Scene, were parting ways. I must say that…

All Star Cartoons That Made My Childhood

For my first All Star Month post I decided to take it back to my childhood days. I can remember waking up, having breakfast and watching…

Artist Flashback: Paramore

This month we are dedicated to bringing you the best in emerging new talent here on Buzznet. Some of your favorite…

Flashback To The 80’s: A Decade Of Synthpop

The 80’s have come and gone, and let’s face it: most of us weren’t even around then to enjoy it but luckily we have family and friends who have experienced the 80’s so we can live vicariously through their stories. Plus we have loads of music to pour over as we learn the history behind… More »

2012 In Review: Don Broco’s Big Year

It’s without doubt that Don Broco were one of Britain’s breakthrough bands of the year. 2012 saw them sign to Search and Destroy Records, support a plethora of both British and American acts and release the debut album which lead to them being awarded the title of “Best New Rock Artist of 2012” by iTunes…. More »

FLASHBACK Photo Gallery

Most of you know I’ve been at home in Canada while my Dad has been in the hospital this week. I’m not really ready to blog about that yet, but I have had a few hours before bed each night to look through my old family photo albums and I found some pretty special gems!… More »

Reblog Posts: What I Love About Other Buzzneters

This is a little gallery about what I love the other Buzzneters posts about music, fashion, style ect… I hope you like it!

High School Memories

Hey guys, So it is kinda crazy how long ago High School really was when I think about it. Even though so much changes after High School graduation it can still feel like yesterday that you were walking up to start your first day! School is starting soon so I put together a gallery of… More »

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