30 Ways To Rock Flannel

Flannel! Who doesn’t love flannel? Although the world’s love for flannel may be huge, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to style it in a way that works best for you. We want the outfit to be seen as a to-die-for look, and not as a complete catastrophical fashion no-no that people would… More »

OOTD: Feat. Popular Demand Zara And Timberland

I decided I am gonna start doing more fashion posts so keep an eye out for them! Here is my first Outfit Of The Day Post. If you dig the gear check out…

Let’s Go Shopping: 30 Fall Must Haves

HEY! So… if you haven’t done your fall shopping yet… you’re in luck!! I’m about to share what MY Fall MUST HAVES are. I know fashion week isn’t even over yet, but I was never really one that did my shopping soley based on the trends of the runway. Everyone has a different style… but… More »

Fall Fashion Must Have: Flannels!

I feel like there are very people out there who would disagree when I say, flannels and layers are my favorite part of fall! There is nothing more fun than getting to layer and rock amazing fall fashion trends. Flannels are a comfortable yet trendy way for girls and guys to layer and be warm… More »

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