55 Killer Shark Nail Designs

In honor of this very special week (you all know I’m talking about SHARK WEEK) I wanted to do a nail gallery dedicated to sharks! I have never been on who necessarily loves sharks but I’m not scared nor do I have creepy ocean nightmares or anything like that. I do however love Shark Week!… More »

Justin Bieber Gets A Koi Fish Tattoo

Justin Bieber is not afraid of the tattoo gun that is for sure. The 19-year-old singer debuted his 13th tattoo, of a koi fish, this…

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Yesterday my mom turned 50 and we celebrated her in a restaurant with some close friends.

Item of the Day: Nemo Fishbowl

There is no debate today. This is the best, no question:

$48 at Chiasso.

Maybe if I had a cute fishbowl, then all the fishies I had would’ve had the…

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