Big Sean Video FIRE featuring Miley

Big Sean put out a new record recently and Miley got to be in the video for the song ‘Fire.’ Have you seen it yet?? If not, watch it here!

FUN FACT: I recently…

Miley Cyrus Is Smokin’ Hot In Big Sean’s New Music Video “Fire”

Skrillex Was On FIRE At His Birthday Party!

Whether or not you’re a fan of Skrillex, there’s no doubt that the guy is on fire when it comes to the music scene! After all, the world famous…

Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” 2nd Teaser!

Since everyone liked the first teaser of Justin Bieber‘s new single “Boyfriend,” he decided to post a second one! He has been teasing his fans about the second one for a few days now and even pulled an April Fools prank when he posted a fake teaser! In this second real teaser, Justin is shown… More »


We had our power back for 12 hours but when it came back there was a wire on my neighbors lawn. It is a wire that powers most of my neighborhood I think they said 15,000 volts !!! It came on 2 am monday morning and was Arching all night while being guarded by the… More »

Fire at Frick

Video of fire spinners at “Fire at Frick” in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park. The weekly event is hosted by

30 Days Song Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 – In general I don’t like so much covers because I always think to the original ones, but sometimes happens that covers are better than the original or I love how that artist…

Paramore’s performance cut short by a fire alarm

lol. That’s so funny the dude is like trying to tell them there’s a fire alarm going off and they Zac was still playing and all. Gah, that sucks so bad. Josh and Jeremy are all like “Oh Snap!” lol

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