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Breakin’ Down the Billboard Top 10

Watch Out Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus and Soldier Boy. Daniel and I have alot to say about the artists and songs topping the charts this week — holla!!!

This Providence: Shower Singers

Attention fan of This Providence and/or fans of shower singing — Tomorrow, December 8th is your LAST day to vote for the songs you think the band member are mostly likely to sing while getting…

Chunkier Fergie Will Do This Before Popping One Out

from www.hollywoodrag.com

Obvious Observation: Fergie Seems To Be Knocked Up

Photos: INFDaily.com More photos of Fergie’s baby bump and Josh Duhamel after the jump. from socialitelife.buzznet.com

Fergie: Woman of the Year?

Spelling bee champ Fergie Ferg is Blender‘s Jan/Feb ’08 cover girl, proudly toting their “Woman of the Year” title.


I don’t read…

Blender Jan/Feb 07 cover

Fergie – Clumsy

Teen Choice Awards 07!

I was so busy looking at photos of what all the celebs wore to the event that I almost forgot to check who actually WON. Fear not, I have recovered from my fashion-coma:

<div style="text-align:…

Fergie Loves Watching Her Man Make Out with Other Women

Fergie loves watching her actor boyfriend Josh Duhamel getting steamy with other women on screen. The singer likes watching Josh’s racy scenes in hit US show ‘Las Vegas’ – in which he plays hunk Danny McCoy – when she is on tour because it reminds her of what she is missing. Fergie is quoted as…from… More »

The Making of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (Fergie)

Oh haiiiii Milo Ventimiglia minus shirt!

Tuesday Buzz 7/10

Andy Samberg doesn’t like living alone. (Pop Bytes)

Is Madonna SERIOUS? (Yeeeah)

James Blunt sold his sister on ebay? (intogossip)

Stalking Fergie. Hey maybe that guy actually knows what the song means?…

Monday Buzz 7/2

Criss Angel, keepin’ secrets! (The Blemish)

All the ladies applying to be on The Bachelor are dirty. (The Dirty Disher)

Britney Spears: Pop Quiz. (Holy Candy)

Lily Allen <a…

Fergie is Selling Out

from www.hollywoodrag.com

Fergie is Selling Out

from www.hollywoodrag.com

Fergie is Selling Out

from www.hollywoodrag.com

Lily Lookin’ Out For the Kids

Our fav little loudmouth, Lily Allen, has taken aim at The Black Eyed Peas.

People UK has her quoted, saying singer <span…

Fergie who?

Fergie-Ferg has a new video “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and damnnnnn the girl done right in casting:

Haaaaaayyyyy Milo Ventimiglia, how YOU doin’?


Fergie “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

Helloooooooooooooo Milo Ventimiglia.

Monday Buzzed 4/30

Britney MUST dress this way for attention. Right? (INO)

JC Chasez: Gay or Metro? (Jossip)

Why are guys jeans getting smaller? Why is Fergie famous? Just how far will…

Hot or Not: Colored Jeans

Most of the time I really could care less about fashion trends because I don’t live on a budget that facilitates overhauling my wardrobe every season. That and I think you should wear things that…