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Britney Moving To Thousand Oaks

Britney’s lived out of suit cases for the last few months during her Femme Fatale Tour, so it’s perfect timing for her to pick up and move once she…

Coca Cola Posts “I Wanna Go” Footage From Peru

Professional footage of Brit’s I Wanna Go from her Femme Fatale Tour in Peru hit the net today, thanks to Coca Cola. Check it out!

Femme Fatale Tour In 3D

Samsung is advertising the Femme Fatale Tour special in 3D! It’s not out in full yet, but they’re previewing clips. Check it out!

Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour Studio Mixes

To celebrate Britney’s last day in her twenties, and the immenint end of the Femme Fatale Tour, enjoy these sicker-than-the-remix remixes by a very talented BreatheHeavy member by the name of Luke, who crafted these delicious, high quality, fan-made studio versions of the songs off the Femme Fatale Tour. It’s totally worth a listen!

Britney Lands Lima

Fans in Lima, Peru are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Britney. And the wait is over! Brit landed in Lima on Thursday with dad Jamie, big bro Brian, Jason and her two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. She traveled from the airport straight to her hotel in Miraflores. Check out these fans waiting for… More »

Britney Spears Interviewed By Stylish.co.uk

Disney kid, musical superstar, mum of two; Britney Spears turns 30 in two weeks. Peter Robinson meets the cultural icon.

Four days into the London leg of her…

Wow! South American Britney’s Fans Are Really Warm, One Of Them Recieved Brit’s Autograph Too!

Britney fans went nuts waiting for a glimpse of her through her window at the W Hotel in Santiago, Chile. Check out these vids of the crowd screaming for Brit. She even signed…

New Britney Interview For Argentina

Check out this new interview that recently aired in Argentina of Britney talking about loving to do what she does, the Femme Fatale Tour and feeling empowered. Britney performed at the Estadio Ciudad de la Plata in La Plata, Argentina on Sunday.

Captivated Britney’s Fan Forgets To Put On His Clothes For To Shooting Her On Hotel Balcony

Britney arrived to Buenos Aires, Argentina from Brazil on Saturday, according to new reports.

After sleeping in, Brit headed to the pool at the Four Seasons hotel with…

Britney Says To Cosas Magz: “If you always think about the past, you can’t enjoy the good moments of the present.”

Britney’s featured in Cosas, a Chilean magazine, including a new interview in Portuguese

Check it out 😉

She’s One of the few people with a…

Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour // South American Leg

Nov 15, 2011 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil VIDEOS Nov 18, 2011 Sao Paulo, Brazil PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 20, 2011 La Plata, Argentina PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 22, 2011 Santiago, Chile PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 24, 2011 Lima, Peru PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 26, 2011 Bogotá, Colombia PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 28, 2011 Caracas, Venezuela PHOTOS Dec 01, 2011 Guadalajara,… More »

Yay! Britney Spears Looking Happy While Waving to Brazilian Fans From Hotel Balcony

Check out these awesome photos of Britney waving to fans on her hotel balcony in Brazil. Next to her is boyfriend Jason Trawick and mama Lynne. Brit also wrote a sign saying she…

New York Times Aires Femme Fatale Tour Special

Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour special aired on the Jumbo Screen in Times Square Saturday night, and it was a HUGE success! Fans crowded the cold streets of New York…

Britney Spears Performs In Abu Dhabi, UAE on Nov 11 // Special Femme Fatale Tour Date

In occasion of the FORMULA 1 Car Drift, Britney performed in Abu Dhabi, UAE before to leave for South America, for her last trance of her huge and sensual Femme Fatale Tour. Not all the artists have the pleasure to perform here, but not all the artists are Britney Spears! Check it out this amazing… More »

Britney Spears Performs In Abu Dhabi, UAE on Nov 11 // Special Femme Fatale Tour Date

65th show of Femme Fatale Tour


UPDATE: Uh, oh. Britney gave the “Lace & Leather” lap dance to a boy under 16. Big…

Britney’s Flashmob In Chile

Flashmobs are brilliant because they always cause a scene, they’re usually Britney-themed and they’re random as hell! This week Chile stepped up and documented their Flashmob on the streets of Santiago. South America is ready! Brit kicks off her first show there on Wednesday!

New Epix Femme Fatale Tour Trailer

Epix released a new trailer of Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour special. Check it out, cause she’s so hot!

New Epix Femme Fatale Tour Trailer

Epix released a new trailer of Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour special. Check it out, cause she’s so hot!

Epix Against Britney’s Fans: Concert Audio Is Live From Toronto

Epix is facing heat from Britney fans for allegedly dubbing the audio for her Femme Fatale Tour special, a claim Epix is now denying. After reviewing the clips that’ve surfaced over the last few days,…

“3” Epix Preview

Epix released another clip of Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour special, airing November 12th. Enjoy in 1, 2… “3″!

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