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My Giant Demi Lovato Post

Demi Lovato has been all over the celebrity rumor websites the past few days after she checked herself into rehab.  And while normally I don’t like to go into celebrity gossip like this, I’ve read…

Uwe Boll’s Fat Superheroine Movie Can Kiss My…Well, Read On

Uwe Boll is a boil on the ass of the movie industry, yet people still continue to fund his films.  He is the “genius” behind movies like Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne and In…

Emo Girls Arrested in Saudi Arabia

Emo kids sometimes talk about how rough they have it.  They get picked on and bullied which, hey, trust me.  I know is no picnic.

But folks?  At least you’re not getting ARRESTED.


You Go Girls: Lilith Fair to Return for 2010

About two weeks ago, while complaining about the return of plaid to the fashion world, I said to a friend “It’s like they decided ‘hey, the 90’s were cool, let’s bring them back…but without the…

Buzznet, I Require Your Aid

So, after my Lady Gaga post yesterday, I have been inspired. 

Don’t worry, this does not involve me declaring I shall never wear pants again.

Instead, I am looking to do a project called “The Faces of…

Dear Lady Gaga: Feminists Also Drink Beer

“I’m not a feminist – I, I hail men, I love men. I celebrate American male culture, and beer, and bars and muscle cars…”
Lady Gaga

Hi there, LG (can I call you

The Riot flier!

Put together a flier for The Riot. If you want to download this and hanging it somewhere or hand it out, you should be able to print it pretty easily in Windows. Haven’t yet tested it in Mac, so if you print it let me know how it goes! Also: lemme know what you think!


Sorry for the lack of blogging, I’ve been busy with my day job and trying to jumpstart The Riot.  I’m even a little later blogging this than I wanted to be, but I also…

BECAUSE Apparently I need to say something

In the past week I have seen young women (several of them, of different age groups, social groups and backgrounds) do the following:

  • Blame a victim of abuse for her abuse, because she may have done…

The Blame Game: Chris Brown & Rihanna

Oh hey, remember the Chris Brown / Rihanna incident? The one where Brown beat Rihanna? And about a week ago, entered a not guilty plea? Right. [cut=Let’s talk about that, shall we?]

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No Apologies

I will begin by saying that this is in reaction to a lot of things, but was finally set off by comments in Wendy’s fantastic Virgin/Whore complex journal, as well as from reading a…

Yet Another Post About the Potential Contents of Ashlee Simpson’s Uterus

I’m going with “she’s not” for right now.  Why?  Because Pete Wentz said she’s not and for me that’s a more reliable source than some anonymous person who may have talked to US Weekly.  PLUS,…




1. a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.


Funny, That Doesn’t LOOK Like Truth

I have to thank Crash13 for linking me to a blog that made me extremely angry.

Yes, you read that right.

What follows here is a rebuttal to one entry on a blog entitled “Truth…

Taking My Anger Out On Stephanie Meyer


Tamora said “You go, Girl,” in response to this rant.  I think that’s the only real approval I need.

Note: If you…

New Year, Same Old Questions

So New Year’s Eve was kinda awesome.  After a disappointing time last year, I managed to score an invite to a party hosted by martial arts people.  If you know nothing about martial arts people? …

I Define Myself by the Writing on my Chest

Don’t know how many of you recall, but back in November of 2005 there was a “girlcott” of Abercrombie and Fitch due to a number of extremely misogynist shirts they released.

“How mysoginist?” you ask?

<img src="http://img.buzznet.com/assets/imgx/1/7/5/3/6/7/1/orig-1753671.jpg"…

Pop Quiz:

What’s the first thing you think when you see this picture?

A) Isn’t that Jennifer Love Hewitt?
B) Hey!  Engagement ring!
C) Damn that’s a fat ass.

Well, whatever you would have answered?  TMZ.com and many…

Spice Girls responsible for sluts, binge drinking?

Today in WTF: Fay Weldon of The Daily Mail goes on a long rant about how the Spice clan are responsible for the decline of our culture.

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To Every Girl

To every girl who’s gotten a CHAIN E-MAIL
about being a so called “GOOD GIRL”

To every girl who sees the TOXIC NICENESS
and wants to VOMIT IN HER OWN MOUTH.

To every girl who realizes PASSIVE…