25 Things To Do After A Break-Up

Last night a dear friend of mine sent me the text “Another Break up. They never really get easier, do they.” She’s right. They never get easier. I think really liking someone and that person deciding that they do not feel the same way, is terrible. The thing I get asked the most about, is… More »

Heartblog: National Suicide Prevention Week

I was so inspired by seeing everyone pull together for National Suicide Prevention Week. Today the focus is on “Changing the Stigmas of Mental Health” and I felt like this was my day to…

How I feel…..

Sometimes I don’t know who I am…. don’t worry I’m not crazy. But thoughts are so big like for me.

I have two types of my thoughts:

  1. Everything is good- when I feel it…

I Want To Stay With You… Forever

Music is my life, even though I’m just studying how works in this area, with theory and other stuff, I’ve always created texts of songs or simple poetries. My source of inspiration, obviously, is my…

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