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#FBF Celebrating The Obamas

Barack Obama is sadly winding down as President. UGH, cue the nostalgia and maybe the tears and maybe a shot of whiskey. As power exchanges hands and a new controversial, Meryl-bashing dude is sworn into our country’s greatest office, it seems as though we’re all reflecting on the Obamas and their last eight years in… More »

#FBF 6 MTV Cribs Episodes You Have To Revisit

HAPPY FRIDAY! We have all officially survived the first week of January. If your resolutions are still intact and you’re reading this from a treadmill while eating a salad, mad props to you! If you’re off the wagon sneak eating an Egg McMuffin… be yourself, baby! On this #FBF we wanted to take it back… More »

#FBF 9 TV Shows We Died For In 2016

Happy Friday! As you pop a Xanax and prepare to brave the malls for your last minute holiday shopping, take a moment to kick your feet up and enjoy some quality programming. 2016 has been a pretty solid year for new television. On this #FBF, let’s talk about 9 new TV shows we died for… More »

#FBF 6 Classic Holiday Movies That’ll Give You The Fuzzy Feels

Now that Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror, it’s officially safe to indulge in all your favorite Christmas and holiday past times, including movie binges! On this #FBF, let’s review six classic holiday movies guaranteed to deliver all the fuzzy feels. Get ’em on the horn with some hot chocolate and a giant tin… More »

#FBF Early One Direction Photos

Happy Friday Directioners! OK, so maybe your fave band is taking a never-ending hiatus. Maybe you’ll never be able to let go of your Larry Shipper conspiracies. And maybe “Best Song Ever” is still your ringtone. That’s totally chill. We support you! On this #FBF, we’ve compiled a plethora of early One Direction photos for… More »

#FBF – 7 Now Famous Actors Who Guest Starred On Gilmore Girls

I don’t know about you, but the entire team here at Buzznet is counting down the days until our TV screens are blessed with new Gilmore Girls episodes via Netflix. As we wait impatiently for another trip back to Star’s Hollow and take bets on which hunk Rory is currently loving on, let’s flashback to… More »

#FBF – 5 Reasons We Miss Teenage Amanda Bynes

From roughly 2003 to 2006, every teenage girl was all about Amanda Bynes. Before she had been that hilarious little tween on All That, but when she hit the big screen in What A Girl Wants we were smitten. And when she followed that up with Lovewrecked and She’s The Man alongside a young Channing Tatum,… More »

#FBF Freddie Prinze Jr. AKA Early 2000s Teen Movie King

From roughly 1998 to 2002, Freddie Prinze Jr. was every teenage girl’s ultimate dream man. I mean, that jaw line, that millionaire dollar smile, and the way he rocked that letterman jacket in She’s All That was kind of the greatest. Our pal Freddie really burned bright for those four wonderful years with starring roles… More »

#FBF Why Jess from Gilmore Girls Is Still The All-Time Babe

It’s been 10 years since bad boy Jess Mariano left Stars Hollow and our television sets in Gilmore Girls. We’ve literally had 10 years to get over his babe-ness. I mean, we’ve lived 3,650 days. That’s plenty of time to get over his face and his vibe and his Rory love, but guess what? Some things… More »

Flashback Friday: Why We Miss TRL

Do you remember running home from school to catch Total Request Live with Carson Daly? I sure as hell do. Back in the pre-YouTube days, it was basically the only way to see your fave music videos. Plus, their special guests were forever on point. If you’re an ’80s baby longing for the simpler times… More »

#FBF 10 Reasons We Miss The Jonas Brothers

Let’s take it all the way back to 2007. Around that time the world was introduced to three mop-topped brothers from New Jersey. They were adorable as all get out, and they were as pure and chaste as K-Pop stars with their Disney Channel personas and promise rings. They were the Jonas Brothers. The JoBros are… More »

Buzz Bites: Your Daily Pop Culture Fix

It’s Friday! Let’s check out what’s buzzing out there in the big ‘ol world of online life!

Jared Leto jumped on snapchat to share a pic of his continuing joker transformation. Um…

Flash Back Friday: Oscar Red Carpet Looks From The Past

Flash Back Friday! In honor of the Oscars this Sunday I wanted to do a little throw back to the years before. It’s so crazy how much fashion has changed and even how different some of the celebs are looking. I brought it all the way back to 1991 in the gallery below! Take a… More »

Flash Back Friday: The Very First Teen Choice Awards 1999

In honor of the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday. August 11, I wanted to do a special “flash back Friday” with a gallery of the very first ever Teen Choice Awards in 1999. I can’t help but laugh at the fashion that was going on during the late 90’s but everyone rocked it…kind of. I… More »

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