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Jessi Jae Joplin’s Fast Food Photoshoot for Ette Clothing

My BFF Bebe Zeva and I recently teamed up to do a fun photoshoot for Ette Clothing. Ette is a brand for quirky, stylish gals who love pizza, cats and ‘good’ bad tv (AKA me and Bebe in a nutshell). Offering both one off vintage pieces and new designs, they aim to bring us the… More »


I had to wait for traffic to pass before I could leave McDonalds so I thought this would be a good time for a photo !!! I kind of like how it came out in photoshop with the effect I used 😀 View in full size


We have so many new Dunkin Donuts opening up around here. This one is in my town and the one close to my house is going though some renovations. I love their coffee and their Poppy Seed Bagels but not their donuts that much. Do you like their stuff if you have been in one… More »

QOTD – What’s Your Favorite Fast Food Joint?

I am not sure if we did this, so apolgies to you if we did. What’s your fave fast food place to pig out?

Wednesday Buzz 5/2

Sarah Jessica Parker takes a swipe at Gwen’s L.A.M.B. line… and I don’t totally disagree with her. I can’t afford that ish, either. (intoGossip)

What in God’s name <a…

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