Upcoming Fashion Brand: Knot Sisters


I’ve said multiple times that my blog on here is all about giving some shine to the next generation of fashion, music and entertainment leaders. This week I’m showing you a wonderful brand called…

Steal Kendall Jenner’s Winter Style From Volcom

Buzznet East Coasters/ Midwest, are you surviving the freezing temps and cold weather? It’s so hard to look cute when there’s snow on the ground and in the negatives. Looking cute is one thing, but…

Sugarhigh LoveStoned Lookbook

I’m pretty sure that in another life, I was Penny Lane from Almost Famous. I love the 70’s chic vibe that has been trending like crazy. Mostly because that’s what I wear everyday of my life. I discovered this little gem Sugarhigh and Lovestoned on Instagram and immediately went to their site to shop! If… More »

Fashionable Back to School Backpacks Pt. 2

For many students, going back to school after an eventful summer is a dreadful time. One thing that always makes going back to school a tad bit better is picking out the perfect backpack that will reflect their personality! Here is a group of back packs I love that will send you back to school… More »

Warped Tour Diaries: Indy

Hey Fambam! I’ve just got back from another fun and super cool (literally, the weather was perfect) day at Vans Warped Tour! My friends clothing company, you know the one I…

Disney Villains Go Chic!

As I said, I am pretty confident most of you appreciate Disney and from my last Disney post, I think I am right! 

Here are some really cool drawings of what your

34 Gradient Nail Ideas

It’s Sunday aka the day I share with you all some amazing nail art! This week I have decided to go with a gradient theme. These nails are all so cool and crazy looking. I know a sponge is involved in the process of these nails and it takes some serious skill to master this… More »

The Find (VIDEO)

This is a short abstract based on Deedee Tantipiyapot‘s poem ‘The Find’. I am completely obsessed with this. So beautiful. Deedee happens to be a friend of mine, so you guys REALLY need to check this out. lol –Enjoy! Do you have a favorite poem?

My New Obsession: Embellished Collars

I have a bunch of new obsessions lately. One of them is: EMBELLISHED COLLARS. YES. It’s just so simple and adorable. I especially love when I see girls wearing crewneck sweatshirts or sweaters with an embellished collar popping out. It changes the whole outfit –for the better. I know that this style isn’t exactly the… More »

20 Questions With Fashion Blogger: Nicole Alyse

I recentlly asked my good friend/fashion blogger a few interesting questions. Nicole Alyse is notoriously known for her collection of vintage tees, disposable cameras, and her love for iced coffee. Nicole is aNew York City based vintage collector turned clothing curator. Follow her blog here. Check out what she had to say below, as well… More »

Fashionable Back to School Backpacks

Since I’m going back to school in less then a month I’ve been looking for a cute, fashionable backpack to buy for the new school year. These are a some of the cute, fashionable backpacks I came across on various websites. Leave a comment on which one you think I should get. XoXo, Katelyn

Favorite Summer Trend: Studs

So I’m obsessed with studs right now! Studs just seem to look amazing on everything! I put together this gallery to show you some of my favorite ways to wear studs. Put them on your phone, on your short shorts on your shoes, they are a simple way to make almost anything fashionable. What do… More »

I’m In New Jersey Trick!

Here are a few photos of my first few days in New Jersey! I’m going to be in New Jersey for a little while for business –and to visit my family &friends of course. So far since I’ve been back east, I’ve gotten to see all of my family and friends. My boyfriend, Sean, even… More »

Fashion Inspiration:Fedoras

Lately, I have really been taking an interest in fedoras. Fedoras are very stylish, casual and go with anything. You can buy them in practically any color or pattern. Many celebrities have been spoted wearing fedoras recently, too. Here are a few pictures of my favorite, fashionable, fedoras I have seen. XoXo, Katelyn Howard

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