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Lyrics Rule: Paramore’s ‘Last Hope’

Keep your eyes down, and the volume up. There are days you just want to put on your headphones, close the door to your room and soak in music. Listen to a story paired with a nice melody you can hum along to and later turn to when you need it. There are lyrics you… More »

MoonChild Natalia

I’m so happy because Kerli put my draw to MoonChild Monday <3 Thank you

Beautiful Audrey Kitching Fan Art from deviantART!

Guess what today is? It’s Buzznet’s Style Editor-at-Large Audrey Kitching‘s birthday, and we’re teaming up with some of the best deviantArtists to celebrate! Here are their tributes to our favorite…

Transformers: Incredible Optimus Prime Fan Art

This weekend Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters and all of our favorite Autobots and Decepticons will be back on the big screen. Sure we all have our favorite Transformer, but hand down the most beloved bot is Optimus Prime! Prime is the stud of the Autobots known for his loyalty, sense of justice… More »

Art by Katie

Check out more of her stuff here! //

Fan Arts By Mimi K

Hey guys, I thought to create this gallery since I really love working with Adobe Photoshop and I would like to share my works with all of you. When I have something new I post it here. Feel free to ask me for a fan art only for you, I will be glad to work… More »


I’ve always loved work with Photoshop, even though I’m not such an expert, but I love create new tons or contrasts or wallpapers with the pics, so this time I decided to create…

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