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Emerging Talent: Logan P. McCoy

  Art is the best way to express yourself and you know that I love to share with you great emerging artists. Each of us is totally different and we have…

28 Puppies & Kittens Who Love Fall

Fall is coming up fast and it’s the best time to play outside with your pets. With the leaves falling and the bright colors we just love spending time outdoors. Here’s some puppies and kittens that would agree with us! More For You Fall In Love With… Yoda The Cat On Vine Instagram Of The… More »

Etsy Star: Epic Unicorn Horns By Firefly Path

Seeing how MoonBabies lit up when I posted a pic of myself with a unicorn horn made me wanna introduce you the maker of these magical circlets – my beautiful friend Jo Ellen Elam, also known as Firefly Path. I have blogged about her before, but she really deserves another post. Not often do I… More »

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

From baby dragons to magickal books to nature to haute couture – Here are some of my favorite pictures this week. <3 k More For You: Mirror Mirror – Oh My Goth These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Things I Am Falling In Love With

What do you think of my choices?

Falling In Love With… Yoda The Cat On Vine

This morning I was stuck in bed for an extra 30 mins watching Vines of Yoda. Yoda is an Kinkalow and just precious. I can’t get enough!  Here’s a…

DIY: Glitter Candle Holders!

I came across this gorgeous, super easy to make glitter candle holder DIY idea on Pinterest and couldn’t help but make some for the BubbleGoth HQ. I used cheap candle holders from Ross, but you can glitter anything – from mason jars to little votive candle holders to picture frames. What you need: – Mod… More »

Adorable Cat Shaped Kindergarden

We back to school, children back to kindergarden. We are happy when the kids are safe and enjoy life. And I found fantastic kindergarden shaped like a cat in Karlsruhre( Germany). 

Fall In Love: Stone Paintings

Do you know that your garden during Autumn can be incredible all the time? Today I searched inspiring September photos and I found cool stone paintings!!! And the best… you can…

‘Fall In Love’ This September

Howdy Buzznet! Now that August is almost over, our Back To School bonanza needs to have a seat and make room for September’s theme:

This month, we want…

What I’m Currently Lusting Over: BlackMilk Clothing’s NEW Harry Potter Line

BlackMilk Clothing is releasing a new Harry Potter line on September 10 and I want it ALL. They keep teasing me everyday on Facebook with sneak peeks into the line! Here’s what they’ve teased with so far. More For You: My Breast Summer Ever on The Vans Warped Tour My Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products &… More »

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