Falling In Love With: Jesse McCartney’s Lyric Video For ‘Back Together’

 Today is “Hump Day”, the day that it rained in LA AND the day that Jesse McCartney released his lyric video for “Back Together” AKA THE BEST…

Clawing For Cuteness: Dogs In Vintage Commercials!

Dogs, dogs, dogs!!!! You know that a lot of animals is used in advertisements but in this evening I want to show you creative adverts with dogs. Are you ready???

Falling In Love With…. Simone Rocha

About 10 mins ago I had no idea who Simone Rocha was, but I saw one of her looks on Tumblr from this year’s London/Paris Fashion Week and had to look into her stuff. Now it’s nothing I would or could ever wear, but I was drawn to it regardless. All pretty classic silhouetts but… More »

Falling In Love With…. Dresses

This past month I have been falling in love with a duo from Portland called, Dresses. They just put out a debut album, Sun Shy!

Falling In Love With Black Milk Clothing

HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!! In honor of September’s “Falling in Love” theme, I wanted to share this amazing designer I’ve fallen in love with. Head over heels. You had me at hello. I DO! Their Harry Potter collection just dropped today. At 10am, I emptied my wallet and filled my closet… More »

Falling Head Over Heels In Love With The 1975

It’s no secret that The 1975 are amazing, but did you know that…

Fall In Love With: Bleu

All this month on Buzznet, we are sharing the things that we are falling in love with. I think Bleu will have you head over…

St. Lucia ‘When The Night’ Album Art & Track Listing

You might remember me raving about St. Lucia since last summer. I discovered them through an ad on Facebook and I’ve never looked back. Their self-titled EP was the soundtrack to my summer…

Fashion Friday: Garment Makers Industrie


Since it’s falling in love month, and since I just got back from an overseas trip, I thought I’d tell…

Etsy Star: Epic Unicorn Horns By Firefly Path

Seeing how MoonBabies lit up when I posted a pic of myself with a unicorn horn made me wanna introduce you the maker of these magical circlets – my beautiful friend Jo Ellen Elam, also known as Firefly Path. I have blogged about her before, but she really deserves another post. Not often do I… More »

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

From baby dragons to magickal books to nature to haute couture – Here are some of my favorite pictures this week. <3 k More For You: Mirror Mirror – Oh My Goth These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Things I Am Falling In Love With

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