LISTEN: Resistor Takes On ‘Twin Peaks’ Theme with a Synthy Twist

You may remember Resistor from their hilarious “Narcissist” video. Now, in honor of the release of the blu-ray edition of Twin…

The Newest Internet Craze?!

And we’re all kind of asking… why? 

Warning: This is either going to piss you off or excite you.  

There’s a…

Band To Buzz About Summer ’13: Haim

Haim burst on to the music scene last summer with their Forever EP and fresh sound. Since then, the sister trio have…

Enjoy Some Epic Stage Falls (VIDEOS)

When I see a video with someone falling down I always laugh; I know so mature, right?

Admit it, you laughted at that model taking a spill! Well, to bring some more…

Celebrities Falling Down

Oh celebrities: we love you for your perfection as well as your imperfections! As much as celebs get paid to be perfect all the time, it’s nice to know that they can be just as clumsy or klutzy as the next person. And just because they tend to prance around in sky-high heels and strut… More »

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