fall fashion must have

Fall Fashion Must Have: Faux Fur Coats

I rarely ever feel luxurious and glamorous while lounging around at home, but that may be because my house attire generally consists of bleach-stained men’s sweats and a Slanket. I’m making a point to change this, as everyone woman deserves to feel “lux” and “glam”, girlfriends (snaps). I will be doing this by stocking up… More »

Fall Fashion Must Have: Cozy Cute Sweaters

Man, I love a good sweater. They’re an integral part of my favorite fashion game ever: layering. Once Fall hits and the temperature drops (as it’s supposed to but often doesn’t it Los Angeles which is super inconvenient for all my layering plans) I go straight for the knits, because there’s nothing better than wrapping… More »

Fall Fashion Must Have: Printed Leggings

You know what’s fun? Yes playing Guess Who while drinking hot chocolate and yes also the arcade version of Street Fighter and yes ALSO making Rice Krispie treats but those are not what we are here to talk about. We are here to talk about fall fashion must haves, and a super fun fall fashio… More »

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