Can you believe this house is real? Incredible home transformation by Katwise

Moon Babies, meet Katwise – an incredible artist residing in upstate New York and living out her fantasy of making the world a more colorful place by not just making clothes and artwork but even transforming a worn out old house into a home that resembles a neon gingerbread witch compound. She calls it Calico… More »

A Mermaid Love Story!

Moon Babies, Meet Anton Konashuk and his fantastical Mermaid Love Story! This fairytale isn’t filled with the traditional happy endings, but it does seem to be a pretty realistic interpretation of the balance between the beauty, and sometimes the tragedy, that is a part of relationships…even stunning underwater goddesses struggle a little bit, too 😛… More »

Dream Destination: Villa Kadiri

Moon Babies, Welcome to the utopia that is Villa Kadiri <3 This fantastical Moroccan palace – created by the owners Jaouad Kadiri and Priti Paul, with architect Stuart Church – is an uber intricate and insanely beautiful oasis that looks like it could have come straight from a dreamy fairytale. With the stunning collection of… More »

World’s Most Magical Homes!

I believe life is all about creating and expressing yourself and there are so many ways to do that – from how one carries themself to fashion to the kind of space one decides to create as their home. I believe there are too many people that buy into the illusion of limitation when it… More »

Fit For a Faery

I believe in faeries. Not only are they adorable (well, at least the nice ones), but their main goal is to watch over our planet – its clear waters and green woods. I know that they are very stressed out right now because of the way humans abuse the Earth. We were meant to live… More »

Disney’s Oz The Great And Powerful Is A 3D Wonder

When I think of “OZ”, I think of a land somewhere over the rainbow filled with the good, the wicked, unity, betrayal and of course ruby red slippers. It…

Love or Lust?

Ah…the age-old question. Is it just a fleeting feeling? An innocent crush? A hot and heavy, heat of the moment lust? Or a true love, once in a lifetime, fated, fairytale ending in the making? Oh, and I am talking about shopping of course. Yes, my name is Kathryn and I am a shopaholic. What… More »

Fairytales Are Real!!!

I am so excited to share this amazing artist with you guys. Her name is Kirsty Mitchell and I’ve never seen anyone do what she does as beautifully and hauntingly. She is a photographer/all around artist that creates real life fairytale sets and photographs them. Almost everything in her photos down to dust and lighting… More »

Disney Inspired Looks

So, after Christina took me to Disney for my Birthday, and I rode on Space Mountain for the first time- I sort of fell in love with Disney and the princesses all over again. (I know we all love to feel like a princess.) I decided to put togehter a gallery of these Disney Inspired… More »

Question of the Day: Which fairytale do you wish came true?

Today in science, the people over at CERN (particle physics Disneyland) announced some stuff that the rest of internet pretty much knew last week. The people over there at CERN are on the hunt…

fairytale meets punk love

I really like this photo. It has a sexy and edgy, yet romantic and dreamy twist to it. I forgot which website I got this from because it’s been in my computer for awhie, but all credit to the professional photographer that captured this gorgeous pic =)

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