Halloween Costume DON’TS

With Halloween just DAYS away, most of you already have your costumes  together, while some of you totally forgot about this being Halloweek, and you’re frantically searching the stores and your…

Prom Gone Wrong

I found a bunch of funny prom pictures online and thought I’d share with you guys! Do you have a bad prom picture you’d like to share with me? Post it in the comments and we’ll add it to the gallery:P I’ve never gone to a prom but if anyone wants to invite me, I… More »

Weekly Fail!!! 1-26-12

Weekly fail: Girls wearing mens shoes. Are you from Sweden? No? Well then, why are you wearing mens shoes? My best friend once said:”If you can make your ass look THAT much better by wearing heels, why wouldn’t you?” Agreed. ps: I read a comment after last weeks fail blog that said that picking a… More »

Weekly Fail!!!! 1-19-12

WEEKLY FAIL: High waisted shorts I know a lot of girls are gonna hate me for saying this….but I’ll say it anyway cause someone has to. Just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean we all need to wear them. I personally think it takes someone who is 6 feet tall and weighs 70 pounds to pull… More »

Facebook Fails

Today’s events have left me so annoyed and angry that I just had to seek help…
by looking at Facebook Fails!

Just when you think you’ve had a horrible day, just be glad…

MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat”: Well, I Used To Have Faith in Mankind

If you read any of my articles, especially my ones focused on SRS BZNZ stuff, you know I’m a fan of pulling out statistics.  Normally I wait until the end to do that, but today,…

Gallery of Fail – Halloween Madness Is Upon Us!

Halloween is a lot like baking a cake. You either carefully prepare your ingredients and create something tasty for all to enjoy or you end up serving something that people may only enjoy out of

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