Dudes We Love And Their Amazing Eyebrows

It’s hard to go online and not be bombarded by posts about how to get great brows, what products to buy, tricks to make them look thicker, bolder and smoldering without getting the caterpillar effect. There are galleries of female celebs who have great brows and suggestions on what brows should look like on every kind of… More »

Brow Down! Celebrities With The Best Eyebrow Game

As people begin to plan their winter wardrobes, there’s one important item that everyone needs and never goes out of style; amazing eyebrows. Check out which celebrities i think have the best brows!

OBSESSION: Thick Eyebrows

As some of you can maybe tell from any of the millions of selfies I post weekly… I loves me some thick eyebrows. I don’t know what it is about them… I just think they’re great when properly groomed. Check out some of my brow inspiration….

Where Did Miley Cyrus’ Eyebrows Go?!

Miley Cyrus has been changing things up recently. First, she covered up on the red carpet. And now, it looks like she may have bleached her eyebrows! In a series of pictures put on…

My Adventures In Photos!

I had a really fun week this week. I got to attending my first Counting Crows concert, and it was amazing, and I fell in love with Swoon all over again (more on that later). I also got to attend a supper hippie outdoor wedding where the bride has feathers on her dress and I… More »

YAY or NAY on Lily’s bold brows?

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m totally obsessed with eyebrows. I myself have big bold brows. When I look at people I can’t help but to…

Is this what a Make-Under looks like?

Ali Lohan looks like a real mess. I don’t know what the heck is going on with her eyebrows, and frizzy hair, or that rip in her shirt. Could it be drugs? stress? xx Jazmin Whitley www.shoplicari.com www.twitter.com/jazminwhitley www.facebook.com/shoplicari

Hilarious Tumblr of the Week: F*ck Yeah No Eyebrows

A newfound appreciation for these little furry things that decorate my brow has been found today. Thanks to another genius Tumblr, F*ckYeahNoEyeBrows, we can all see how very…

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