7 Reasons To Be Stoked For Fall

The long, hot, humid summer is slowly coming to a close. As we hang up our denim shorts and our ‘YOLO’ mentality, it’s easy to tumble into a change of season depression. But before you find yourself on that downward spiral train, get stoked! Fall is the greatest time of year. And if you’re going… More »

VIDEO: Tokio Hotel TV 2014 Official Season Trailer

After have screamed, cried, went crazy and also calmed down (XD), I’m here to share the official season trailer of Tokio Hotel TV, just released on YouTube.

Breaking News: A Paramore Baby Is On The Way!

This is SO exciting! Jeremy Davis, bassist for our fave band, Paramore told the world via Twitter today that he and his wife, Kat, are expecting a baby girl! 

Since he exceeded…

The Foo Fighters Are Back Working on Their 8th Studio Album!

It’s no doubt that the lead singer of The Foo Fighters,Dave Grohl, is one of the busiest man in the rock ‘n roll industry right now, recently recording…

Question of the Day: What Was the Last Thing You Were Really Excited For?

I can’t say that I am really excited right now about anything. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been excited about anything lately, it’s just that the things I get excited about are kind…

New Breaking Dawn Tralier: Thank You Comic-Con

Thank You Comic-Con for this amazing trailer of our favorite sparking vampires. Breaking Dawn Part 2 isn’t out until November but here is a extended preview to get you excited for the last installment of the Twlight Saga! I don’t now about you but I’m Team Edward, him and Bella are so perfect for each… More »

Who Pulled Demi Lovato’s Hair This Weekend?

Demi Lovato is no stranger to getting attacked by haters on the Internet – the outspoken 19-year-old entertainer is known for standing up to her bullies via <a…

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