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The Evolution of Evan Rachel Wood

Westworld fans everywhere are currently in heated debates over Season 2. It’s crazy, it’s confusing, and it’s chaotic. But while you’re tumbling down the rabbit hole of Westworld podcasts and conspiracy theories, take a moment to reflect on our girl (or our robot, rather) Dolores. It’s hard to believe Evan Rachel Wood aka the OG… More »

Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

Awards season is finally here! Last night, all our fave celebrities worked the red carpet looking totally glam for the Golden Globes. This awards show is always a hoot, probably because everyone’s boozing it up non-stop. If you’re still dancing in your bedroom pretending you’re in La La Land and wiping away tears after Meryl… More »

Style Icon: Evan Rachel Wood

I have always loved Evan Rachel Wood’s style. Recently I started following her on twitter and fell in love more! She seems like such rad girl and we share a lot of the same views and intrests. She is so pretty it’s insane! What is your favorite Evan look?!

Who Did the Monochromatic Look Better? Marisa Tomei vs. Evan Rachel Wood

Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood both attended the New York premiere of The Ides of March last night wearing completely monochromatic outfits. Maria’s navy blue situation was all business on top and sexy slit times on the bottom, while ERW went for it with burgundy leather and a jaunty hat. I mean I get… More »

Selena Gomez, Watch Out: Evan Rachel Wood is OBSESSED With Justin Bieber!

She gets to make out with Ryan Gosling (lucky, LUCKY girl!) in their upcoming movie The Ides of March, but looks like Evan Rachel Wood is out for another…

Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood get Engaged in Paris

The quirky couple are not only together once again,
this time they’re getting married!

Manson proposed to Evan Rachel Wood during his recent concert in Paris. 


“Spiderman: the Musical” Actually Happening

Comic books are quickly taking over Hollywood.  Between this past year’s hits Iron Man and The Dark Knight and with a highly anticipated movie adaptation of Watchmen in the…

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