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Cheer up, emo kids!

So, yesterday I did my extra gleeful concert write up.  Because I was extra gleeful.

But now I’d like to talk about something that simply boggled my mind at the Cobra show Wednesday night.

The concert was…

sweet emo boys – cutest boys ever

wow — this is a montage of the cutest emo boys set to Bullet for My Valentine’s All these things I Hate

ragedy ann & andy go emo

Bringing DashboardBack

For as many times as I have sneered at the label “emo” (because its soooo overused) Dashboard Confessional definitely fits the criteria. And I’ve always adored him. Anyway, I recently put up this…

Friday the 13th Buzz!

Travis and Shanna– off again. (seriouslyomg)

Anna Faris got a new face. (Evil Beet)

Um, nice ad? (MTV Style Blog)

Smiles for Lily Allen! (Pop Bytes)


Hot Knives – Bright Eyes

Music Links 6/15

Bright Eyes Interview with Paper Mag.

Travis Barker remixes Rihanna. (DefJam)

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s MP3! (Blogsarefordogs)

Andrew McMahon Blog Update. (Absolutepunk)

The Threat of Guyliner

While I am, in fact, a FAN of guyliner, this DoubleViking article was a hilarious read. I can’t even effectively sum it up from you, you’re just going to have to go read it….


What, you thought search engines didn’t have feelings?

Picked up from Idolator, who says it’s for “For when you want to cut through all the nonsense…

Emo News Report: “The Warning”

Yeah, I’m totally boycotting the news. They’re such idiots. I think this is even worse than the first one. Clearly, some people doing the research for these stories… need to get fired.

Jimmy Eat World Update! Yeaaaaaahhhh!

From absolutepunk:

“We have a mix date set for May 28th. Yes, there is light at the end of
the proverbial tunnel. We just spent…

Tuesday Buzz 5/15

Eve says “DUI’s happen“?! Um, no. (POTP)

Introducing… mini-britney! Whoa. (Allie is Wired)

Bud Bundy arrested. (IBBB)

Cam Diaz is…

Music Stuff 5/7

Ultragrrrl reminds you that music did not start in 2002.

Indie Artist Look-Alikes! (hearya)

Evanesence Drama. (rockdirt)

In case you were wondering what happened to Brody Dalle… (Spinner)

Borat to play Freddie Mercury?!…

Wednesday Buzz 4/25

Joe Simpson wants to manage Britney Spears! (The Dirty Disher)

Asia is the next Pussycat Doll. In case you care. (Pop Bytes)

The Pursuit of Happiness (good article)……

Music Stuff 4/19

Um, Akon is gross. (POTP)

Leaky Tori Amos. (Idolator)

The Zen of Screaming. (Spinner)

Bright Eyes debuted at #4 on Billboard! (indieblogheaven)

Conor Oberst for Costco? Um, no.

Mark Edge just tipped me off on this story about Costco selling FAKE Conor-signed guitars on their website. “Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes Signed Acoustic Guitar” for $899.99Hold on a sec. Costco? Where families go…

Underground Bands (hahahahaha)

A sketch from the Ronnie Johns half hour (Austrailian Comedy) picked up from So More Scene.

Tortured Artist is soooo ’06.

The starving-suffering-unstable artist stereotype is one that has interested me for some time now. Mostly because I not-so-secretly believe I was more creative in times of misery and confusion. I’m reading a book to sort…

The Difference Between Scene & Emo:

Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.netJAY KAY KIDS, don’t get all angsty on me. I love those comics :)ps. Go enter the So Scene Contest.

Music Stuff 4/10

Bowling for Soup are gonna cover Fergie’s “London Bridge” (Rocklouder)Cassadaga slammed by critics. Boo! (musicslut)Bad Religion new video glimpse. Lily Allen taking over TV. (themodernage)