Keltie Colleen’s Closet Makeover!

Hi guys! I’m so excited to start showing you guys my new house! It’s not ready for a big reveal yet, but I did finish one very important project. MY CLOSET! There is a bizarre cut out short room off my walk-in closet, and I was really unsure what to do with it. I was… More »

Calling All Dancers! Dance Upon A Dream Worldwide Competition Is Here!

I am so thrilled, excited, and dying with happiness that my darling friend Emily Loftiss helped me gain a spot on superstar dancer/choreographer Joshua Horner’s newest venture. Why? Because it’s freaking radical. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Celebrating: Emily Loftiss + Me

Last week I saw that Hannabeth was putting up some galleries of her best friends, and I thought it was super sweet and cute, so I decided to totally copycat and do the same thing. Mostly because Loftiss and I have so many AMAZING photos in costumes! Emily was a Rockette with me, but is… More »

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