Emerging Talent – Photographer Adam Elmakias

I first met Adam Elmakis years ago when he was hired to take photos of one of the bands I was on tour with, instantly we became friends and have been ever since. Through the years Adam has become even a better photographer then before, check out his stuff at www.adamelmakias.com He’s responsible for my… More »

Song Of The Day: “Saturday” by Tim Noyes

For the month of March, I’m going to post a song by a relatively unknown artist and then leave the rest up to…

Emerging Artist: 15-Year-Old Stephen Bonugli

For my first Emerging Talent Month post I decided to stray away from music and dive into the world of visual art. I give credit to anyone who can draw, paint, sculpt or anything else having to do with visual art. I think it is so amazing to be able to look at something and… More »

Artist Flashback: Paramore

This month we are dedicated to bringing you the best in emerging new talent here on Buzznet. Some of your favorite…

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