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EXCLUSIVE: Take A Look To Britney Spears Fantasy Twist’s Behind The Scenes

“X Factor” judge Britney Spears’ new Fantasy Twist perfume commercial definitely has the sex factor. Halloween came early for Brit, who got to dress up as Cleopatra, Jean Harlow and even…

Editorial Inspiration: Lauren Avery by Ellen von Unwerth

I love this editorial for Schon magazine! A range of different looks, but all of them gorgeous and boudoir-esque. I’m particularly partial to the purple and pink hair situation. Whatchoo think?? (And why does this girl look so familiar?)

Lana Del Rey Captured By Ellen Von Unwerth For Lovecat Magazine

Whether you love her or you hate her, Lana Del Rey is kind of winning at life right now. Yes blah blah she sucked on SNL and sure her lips look weird and yeah that breathy baby voice singy thing she sometimes does is really annoying, BUT her album went number on iTunes in like… More »

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