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Day 183 – Another Surprise From Buzznet

I had to write a blog. A simply post wasn’t enough for what I’m just to telling you, guys.

You know how much I love this wonderful place and how much I love to share with…

Ready For Holidays!

Hi Buzznet,

those last days have been really really chaotic, mainly for two reasons: the first because I did my last two exams, and until September I have no intention to listen about exams… I’m so…

2nd Buzznet Anniversary!!

Hi Buzznet,

finally I have a little bit of time for write this blog, I have a lot of news to tell you and I hope to remember all of them.

First, I missed you so much…

G is for Green

A couple of years ago I found these amazing illustrations about “The Seven Deadly Sins” and I thought this is the perfect photo for the alphabeth assignment of this week 🙂 Green as Envy!

Reason 89724872 why I love BUZZNET

Thank you my fellow Buzznet family for sending me a 21st Birthday Card 🙂 I can’t even begin to describe how inspiring and motivating the staff is here.. Thank you for everything 🙂 BUZZNET WORLD TAKE OVER

How Special is This Man?

bet you guys don’t have co-workers as dreamy as Rich.

What We Wore: Aviva, El Rich, and Yasi

Today was apparently t-shirt day, and while Aviva and I had pretty effing cool tees on, I think El Rich blew us out of the water. What do you think?

Aviva: Crass t-shirt with Arabic print…

Top 5 Best Outfits In What Are You Wearing: Week of Sept 9

You may not know this, but the people on Buzznet are some of the most stylish I’ve ever laid eyes on. Be it punky or preppy, grunge or glamour, you guys are bringing…

20 Questions with New Age Amazon

Let’s face it, Buzznet, who doesn’t want to be like El Rich?  And since I can’t grow a bitchin’ mustache like he can, I figure I’ll do the next best thing and <span style="text-decoration:…

These shoes were made for loafin’ – Gutter Snipe Adventures

Location: La Brea/Sunset, Hollywood CA
Time: Lunch
Object: Shoes & Socks

I’m prone to looking at the floor. Not because I am low in spirits or lost in thought, but because that’s usually where all the…

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