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Real Life Style Inspiration: CHEBO

This week, I’m so proud to introduce you all to my lovely friend Chelsea (known to most as CHEBO)! She is a super talented model and actress from Toledo, Ohio who now lives here in Los Angeles!I was first introduced to her through mutual friends and quickly became enamored by her impeccable sense of style… More »

A Brief Look At: The Evolution Of Makeup

I LOVE MAKEUP. I recently became OBSESSED with the 60s/70s style makeup. While I was googling some pictures of different looks, I began to look for images of makeup styles from other generations. I started finding a bunch of images I liked –so I thought I would make a gallery of the evolution of makeup… More »

Happy Birthday Andy Warhol

Today is Andy Warho’sls birthday! In celebration here is a gallery of Andy & his muse, Edie Sedgwick. Now I know Andy was kind of a jerk – he used and took advantage of a lot of people, then discarded them, BUT I can’t help but still love the stories, art and fashion that The… More »

BUZZNET’S FASHION Q & A (with me):

In honor of NYC Fall Fasion week, Buzznet asked me a few questions, so here are my responses:

What is it like walking down…

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