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Who Wants To Win An Advance Copy of “the Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Before You Can Buy It?

I got my little hands on an advance DVD copy of “the Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Two Disc Special-Edition, which doesn’t come out until December 4th and as a Thanksgiving treat I thought rather than keeping it, it would be fun to give you guys the chance to win it! HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: 1. Pick… More »

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Cast of Twilight’ Comic: Exclusive Look!

Our friends over at Celebuzz got an exclusive look at some Twilight News and we thought we’d share with you because we’re so nice like that.

Robert Pattinson,…

Hey all you Twi-hard Twilight fans, Breaking News about Breaking Dawn

We’ve got the news about all of the new pale and some not-so-pale sparkly vampires so you can match the faces with the names and beat all of your friends at twilight trivia as you…

Honestly?!: The Twilight Saga ‘Eclipse’ Review

I am sorry to say that I cannot sugar coat this film’s review at all.
I saw the film opening night and I simply don’t see that this film holds a candle…

eclipse safari jams

chilling at the hampton inn.. day off in springfield, mo. getting ready to go see eclipse.. the boys aren’t too happy on my movie choice. tonight we are celebrating the 4th by going to a tgif.. yes.. options are limited in this town.. ha ha have you seen eclipse yet? did you enjoy it? xxoo

Metric’s “Eclipse (All Yours)”

Epic wolves, killer eye makeup and… those people from Twilight.

Does YOUR Insurance Cover Acts of Vampire?

Ah, I remember taking my driver’s test.  Buckle your seat belt.  Hands at 10 and 2.  Check your rearview mirror for vampires.

Wait.  What?

I vant to vreck your car!

Well, according to a woman…

Buzznet Interview With Metric at the Twilight Eclipse Premiere

Metric talks celebrity thumb wars with Buzznet. And a shout out from Jackson Rathbone!

Tacky Twilight Thursdays, Eclipse Edition: Hot Topic


This merch?  It’s bad.  But it’s not the bad I’ve come to expect from you when it comes to Twilight merch.  Wherefor are the days of the Edward Cullen Body Glitter? …

Tacky Twilight Thursdays, Eclipse Edition: Various Horrors of the Interwebs

Not all of the horrors of Eclipse merch can be found in one or two stores.  Oh no, sometimes, one must search out true evil in order to confront and conquer it.

Or write snarky…

Twilight Eclipse Cast in Beverly Hills 6/12/10

The cast of Eclipse talk about the saga, their lives and each other at The Four Seasons Hotel.

New Kristen Stewart Comic Book Preview

Our friends at MTV have gotten their hands on an exclusive sneak peek at the Kristen Stewart comic book set to be released this month by Bluewater Comics (the same people…

Tacky Twilight Thursdays, Eclipse Edition: Nordstrom

Well, the newest movie in the Twilight series releases at the end of the month, and you know what that means.  Well, okay, it means a lot of things.  But the important thing here is…

Explaining the Video: Muse’s “Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)”

Today, folks, I won’t be explaining this video.

No, today I am please to announce we have our very first GUEST AUTHOR for explaining the video.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be about for color commentary,…

Eclipse Theatrical Trailer

Due to hit theaters June 30, 2010, this next installment of the Twilight Saga is sure to be one of this summers blockbusters.

‘Twilight’ is getting Graphic!

On March 26th, 2010, the first volume – ‘Twilight: The Graphic Novel’ – goes on sale in Hardcover for $19.99.

It will contain text from…

10 Reasons Why The “Eclipse” Movie Will Be Better Than “New Moon”

MTV recently caught up with the hottest Cullen in the clan to get some dirt on forthcoming plots details for Eclipse, the third book-turned-movie in the Twilight saga. Yeah, I know New Moon hasn’t even

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