eating disorders


Hey!!! Today I want to show you my new lyrics, called “I Know You”. I wanted to write something about today’s world as you know I’m a fragile girl and I…

My Diary: Anorexia Is Not A Life, Anorexia Is Suffering

Anorexia is not a life. Anorexia is suffering. “She” isn’t my friend and “she” destroys everything around me, everything what I’m able to make during my free time. My fear is…


Today I want to show you my new support video for everyone who needs.


“RECOVERY” this is my last poem. I recorded to it my voice and uploaded special for you on YouTube.

Scarlett Johansson Calls B.S.

A lot of celebs have it out with tabloids over things like affairs, quotes taken out of context and their baby being a two-headed alien (I made all that up. I do not know what…

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