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Happy Easter BUZZNET!

Tomorrow I will be all day out and so I can answer to all your comment, so I take one’s chance to wish a Happy Easter to all my followers and I wish you an awesome day full of joy and happiness with your dear family and friends. Love you so much, Peace xo

Get Inspired with Easter Nail Art

Easter is this Sunday and I know you want to stand out. Right? Well go get your nail polish and get ready to paint! With these amazingly awesome Easter nails you…


I’m just come back home to an afternoon of shopping with my dad, I needed to a new pair of shoes and I found an amazing pair of shoes, I love them!

Then I passed in…

The Most Amazing, Weird, Beautiful Easter Eggs

Easter is almost here and what better way to get inspired then to check out all these amazingly cool Easter eggs! There are simple ones, hollow ones, painted ones, died ones… The list goes on and on.

Question of the Day: What Are You Doing For Easter?

It is the magic time of the year for peeps, zombie jebus, and pastel colours that make me want to curl in a ball and DIE. I mean really, pastels? Who thought…

How Many Stars Did I Give ‘HOP’?

Hey guys! I went to a screening of HOP screening this weekend with mediocre expectations, but I’m not one to turn down a movie let alone a free one. I…

Chicks Man…

After the screening of HOP the characters from the movie mad an awesome cameo. We had to take pictures with them, I mean they are the stars of…

everyday life #10

a photoless journal. indeed, a photoless journal it will be.

busy life. busy week. i have to write all of this down, because these past few days have been running through my…

Washington Post Releases Annual Peep Show – Talk About Eye Candy

This week, The Washing Post released photos of their most glorious annual contests, Peeps Dioramas! Over 1,100 displays were submitted that placed one of your favorite Easter holiday confections in sticky situations. While we cannot

Easter Weekend

I’ve been so busy lately that I COMPLETELY forgot to show you guys what I did Easter weekend. My boyfriend and I went to Santa Monica for a night. It was really cute. We had wine on the beach, followed by dinner at the promenade. I had a lot of fun. ( I always have… More »

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