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Easter Edition: Inspiration Gallery!

In honor of Easter (which I absolutely can’t wait for), I made an inspirational gallery to get us all in the spirit for the Easter weekend! It’s such a fun time full of color, good treats, and playfulness. Here are some photos to get you in the mood for Easter! With fashion, cute bunnies, and… More »

Homemade Easter Egg Collection

So as you could probably tell I got really inspired with Easter Egg Designs. So I went home and had Easter with my family and had an Easter egg decorating table set up. These are the great eggs we came up with as a family. Such fun, and such a mess to clean up after…… More »

Happy Easter BUZZNET!

Tomorrow I will be all day out and so I can answer to all your comment, so I take one’s chance to wish a Happy Easter to all my followers and I wish you an awesome day full of joy and happiness with your dear family and friends. Love you so much, Peace xo

The Most Amazing, Weird, Beautiful Easter Eggs

Easter is almost here and what better way to get inspired then to check out all these amazingly cool Easter eggs! There are simple ones, hollow ones, painted ones, died ones… The list goes on and on.

Missoni Fall 2011 Rainbow Sherbe


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