The Best Celebrity Mugshots

I was informed this morning that one of my favorite actresses ever, Reese Witherspoon, was arrested Friday morning (early start I see) for disordely conduct. Oooof, well I still love her. ANYWAYS, it got me looking into more celeb mugshots aka 90 percent were Lindsay Lohan, HAHA! I realized this would make a hilarious gallery… More »

Amanda Bynes Wasn’t Drunk… She Was Just Being Emo

We’ve loved her ever since Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show and even more in 2006’s She’s The Man (along with the hunky Channing Tatum), so it’s disappointing to hear…

Celebrity News and the Etcetera

Celeb News and other bits.

Miley Cyrus Blames It On The Alcohol

Oh Miley Cyrus! First she gets into some trouble when she (jokingly?) admitted to being a stoner, causing mayhem on Twitter – and now she admits to…

Lindsay Lohan: Drunk or Klutz?

Our sweet Lindsay was recently spotted taking a tumble while leaving a NYC club. She blames it on being a klutz and states that she is not a drunk. What do you think?

Stealing cookie boxes… ha.

“Imogen Heap got herself her in a little trouble in a Knoxville, TN hotel on Wednesday evening. Embarrassed and remorseful, the Queen of Proper told an audience in Atlanta on Friday that she had stolen…

ben roethlisberger

Smile mr. quarterback. Everyone in Pittsburgh loves this! You can also own this lovely t-shirt.

ben roethlisberger

Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger doing a Kyle Orton — not sure when this was, but he looks like he is having a good time.

ben roethlisberger


Kyle Orton

On a break from the Bears. Having a good time back in Iowa.

Ashlee Simpson Drunk at a Toronto McDonalds

Amateur video of sloshed ashlee simpson

Drew is really drunk

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