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Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Dr. Seuss Books

It’s basically impossible to grow up and not read Dr. Seuss books. The whimsical characters, colors, and ever famous Cat In The Hat is burned in all our memories. The life lessons and inspirational words are valuable at any age, and make for some pretty incredible tattoos. Check out the gallery above of some pretty… More »

Read “Cat In The Hat” With Justin Bieber

September 6th is “National Read A Book Day”, incase you didn’t know. So this means we should put down our phones and pick up a book and get learning. 

I find it so sad how little…

BTK App – Video #34

Bill: Oh, the Places You’ll Go at Burning Man! Based on Dr. Seuss’s final book before his death, this is a story about life’s ups and downs, told by the people of Burning Man 2011.

Flashback Friday: 6 Movies Based On Dr. Seuss Stories

There’s nothing like a good Dr. Seuss book to make you reminisce about your childhood – and what better way to reminisce about the past than on Flashback…

You’re Invited To…

The Seuss Party!

Did you know that Dr. Seuss’ name was <span style="color:…

Bree’s Book Corner: Favorite Children’s Books

Since there’s so much hype about the coming of Where The Wild Things Are to the big screen, I thought this week we could talk about our favorite Childrens books. You down?

Since our boy Pete

green eggs and ham!!

haha i love this. it’s so brilliant 😀

Striking a blow for no one in particular (I get my Seuss on)


Now the Emos down in Emoville liked guyliner a lot
But the Grinch who lived in Mount Lebanon DID NOT!
The Grinch hated guyliner, and a bassist named Pete
he was…

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