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28 Puppies & Kittens Who Love Fall

Fall is coming up fast and it’s the best time to play outside with your pets. With the leaves falling and the bright colors we just love spending time outdoors. Here’s some puppies and kittens that would agree with us! More For You Fall In Love With… Yoda The Cat On Vine Instagram Of The… More »

Keep Your Cool This Summer

It seems like it’s finally summer here in Los Angeles. Most of August has been grey and pretty cool but this last week has been so hot that parts of me that sag…


Something a bit different for Squirrely Wednesday, the squirrels are starting to disappear for there Nut Hunting season in the woods. So because of the lack of squirrels here right now I thought a video would be a nice break. I’m so amazed at this huge dog he doesn’t even notice he has a squirrel… More »

These Dogs Literally Know How To Drive A Car!

I came across this video and it put a smile on my face for SO many reasons. I love the meaning behind it, it is promoting the idea of adopting and rescuing dogs!


So here I am again with another road trip of photos. I hope you enjoy all the crazy things I get to see while driving, stopped in traffic or in…

Jiff Is The New Boo! Sassy Pomerian Does All The Tricks And I Die!

Have you met my friend Jiff? This little pup is a super star! No, seriously. He even has an IMDB profile for all the work he’s done. It’s the most adorable IMDB page…

Work Like A Dog Day: These Dogs Are Working Harder Than You

Happy Work Like A Dog Day! Yes, this holiday apparently exists. Today is the day to work harder than you ever hard aka work like a dog. I love dogs more than life so what…

Styling Volcom’s New Line Of Kicks

So I’ve always been a huge fan of VOLCOM. I went through a serious skater phase in high school believe it or not, and a small bit of that has stuck with me. The…

22 Cute Animals Hangin’ Out Celebrating Hammock Day

July 22 has been deemed Hammock Day! Today is the day to sit back, relax and hang out on a hammock all day long. Excuse me while I day dream of being on a beach, suspended between two palm trees, reading my book and sipping a pina colada. Anyway, the only thing I can think… More »

10 Animals Who Are Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I have never been one to really go out and celebrate this holiday but I will never refuse a reason to indulge in endless chips and salsa…

Buzznet Breakdown April 28

It’s Sunday so you know what that means! It is time for the Buzznet Breakdown. In case you are just joining us this is where we feature our top ten posts of the week! It’s our…

20 Hot Guy Poses vs Dog Poses

We loved user Gavreel Monroe’s post ‘20 Male Models Poses vs Kitten Poses‘ so much that we had to go ahead and do the same with dogs! These hunky dudes have some steep competition with cute furry friends. We can’t decide what we like to look at more the hotties or the dogs, both are… More »


I wanted to post something a bit different, I had a hamster in mind but ended up watching lot’s of mini pig videos instead. This video was just so cute with the pig and dog interaction. If you watch the whole thing I think you will find it funny. Mindy is a girl and she… More »

All Star Month: Beautiful Dogs

Last time I wrote that Buzznet loves cats. But I feel that we love dogs too!!! 
So… for you I found fabolous photos by Tim Flach 🙂


Since it’s Caturday I thought a cat and dog video was perfect !! This dog is amazing it hardly wakes up at least until it’s nose gets picked on 😀

Cats And Dogs: Friends Not Foes

Cats and dogs have gotten a bad rep of being each others arch enemies. I say we all just get along and put that behind us. Some people are cat people and some are dog people but that doesn’t mean we can’t all love eachother! They are both equally cute and cuddly. I have decided… More »

Meet Banana Joe: The Wookie Who Won Best In Show!

The Westminster Dog Show (aka the Super Bowl for dog people) has officially crowned its 137th Best In Show winner! What’s Best In Show you ask? Well, it’s the main event where the top dog in every category competes to be crowned champion and pick of all the litters! This year the title went to… More »


I was shopping in Home Depot but mostly for paint for my kitchen. I turned around and this dog was sitting in the shopping cart. I asked the couple if I could take a photo of him and they were so nice but LOUIE was not very cooperative !! He would not look at me… More »

Cute Puppies Predict Super Bowl Winner (VIDEO)

What better way to predict the winner of this Super Bowl, Sunday February 3, than with puppies?! These cute pups were given two different cake options, one with the 49ers frosting and one with the Baltimore Ravens. It was a tough decision…

Celebrity Pet Of The Day

Romantic relationships in Hollywood come and go faster than the run of a movie at the box office. But one relationship that many in Tinsel Town can actually maintain is none other than the ones they come home to: their trusty pets. In some instances, these celeb pets are just as famous as their owners… More »