DIY Tuesday: My Ocean Dress From The “Worlds Apart” Video

Hi Moon Babies, First of all, thank you so much for all the amazing feedback on the new video. So many people worked extremely hard to pull this together and we’re so happy for all the positivity you’ve been sending our way. Shooting the underwater scenes was SO H A R D. Champagne problems for… More »

DIY Tuesday: Mermaid Grotto 101

Happy DIY Tuesday, Moon Babies! Last week I showed you some amazing and simple ways to add that special little touch of mermaid essence to your makeup, nails, and fashions…so this week I wanted to find some really rad ideas that you guys could use to turn your home space into a fantastical Ocean-esque wonderland… More »

DIY Tuesday: Mermaid 101

Happy DIY Tuesday, Moon Babies! As I’m sure you guys have noticed over the past couple weeks…I’m starting to seriously get in tune with the amazing element of water <3 I’ve been reconnecting with all the blue things that I have, and I even switched up my hair to a new and very mermaid-esque color… More »

DIY Tuesday: 36 Amazing Hammock Ideas!

Happy #DIY Tuesday, Moon Babies! After an awesome and hectic week, I finally got to spend a little time on Sunday relaxing – and I remembered how magical it feels to kick back and hang out in a hammock…so I thought I’d find some cool ideas for you guys! From outdoor to indoor to super… More »

DIY Tuesday: 29 Epic Cosmic Creations!

Happy DIY Tuesday, Babies! I’ve been into all things other-wordly lately – and wanted to find some dope cosmic projects to show you guys! Using pastels or metallics and your brilliant creativity, you can really give a second life to some of those plain pieces you may have laying around. From cosmic cupcakes and starry… More »

DIY Tuesday: 25 Epic “Worlds Apart” Themed Ideas!

Happy DIY Tuesday Babies! You may have heard the new song Worlds Apart I did with the magickal Seven Lions – if not, you can take a listen HERE! Seeing the amazing feedback you beautiful Babies have had, I got inspired to share some awesome galaxy themed DIY projects with you guys! And, thank you… More »

DIY Tuesday: 26 Simple & Amazing Upcycling Ideas

Happy DIY Tuesday, Babies! You know I’m all about recycling, reusing and reducing waste…Repurposing the stuff that you already have doesn’t need to be super elaborate or difficult – you just need to get a little creative and see those things in a new way. 🙂 From a mirror made out of pink plastic spoons… More »

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