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WATCH: Kimberly Cole As The Evil Queen In Snow White And The Seven Thugs

It feels so good to be evil……and apparently on trend as well! Julia did it….my girl crush Charlize did it! And I got to join the sinister fun for a quick cameo of evil with my good friend Todrick Hall for another adaptation of a Disney Classic with some famous faces, as in, Victoria Justice!… More »

Exclusive Interview With Kelsy Karter

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Kelsy Karter. She is an Australian soul/pop musician and songwriter living in Los Angeles. I believe that you know Kelsy Karter because she is…

Ariana Grande Celebrates 21st Birthday At Disney World!

Ariana Grande celebrated her last days before her 21st birthday at the most magical place on earth, Disney World (duh). She shared a kiss with Mickey Mouse and even dressed up in a Minnie Mouse

Your Favorite Disney Characters As Grumpy Cat!

Moon Babies, meet Eric Proctor AKA TsaoShin – the super creative artist behind the hilarious mash-up series, “Grumpy Disney”. He’s taken some of the most iconic and classic Disney characters, switched them up in the most amazing way, and replaced them with the adorable little face of Grumpy Cat! Epic! <3 Check out all of… More »

These Childhood Favorites Will Give You The Creeps!

An amazing Los Angeles-based digital artist, Dan LuVisi has taken our favorite cartoons to a whole next creepy level…re-imagining them into dark and gritty criminals and demons. Dan was inspired by his own childhood nostalgia, but his true intention behind his art is quite deep and brilliant – “My intentions were to…combine that love with… More »

Lookbook Love: Joyrich x Disney Spring/Summer 2014 Capsule Collection

One of my most fav streetwear brands, Joyrich, continues their incredible series of capsule collections with different cultural brands… this time with the iconic Mickey Mouse. I am in so in love with this collection featuring their playful take on tees, tanks, skirts and sweats. xoxo, Jessi Jae Joplin

Disney Princesses Tatotoos And More!!!

Today I found an amazing illustrations by Tim Shumate Illustrations(Telegrafixs). I love her new version of Disney princesses tattoos. It reminds me about the time when I was a little girl…

Elle Fanning Looks Exactly Like Sleeping Beauty At Maleficent Premiere

It looks like Elle Fanning was inspired very literally my her character in Maleficent. She showed up at the movie’s premiere yesterday looking exactly like

Disney Movies That Would Make All Our Dreams Come True

It would be a dream come true if Disney were to make Frozen 2 or Peter Pan starring Emma Watson, right? I came across some of these fake Disney movie posters and just had to share! Until Disney steps up to the plate and makes our dreams into a reality, we’ll have to settle for… More »

Disney Characters In The Real World

If you thought what Disney characters would look like wearing today’s fashion? I believe that we are the lucky ones because we know the answer. Why??? Punziella  created an…

Disney Princesses Reimagined As Different Races

At Buzznet we love a creative interpretation of a classic film or book. Artist TT at Let Their Be Doodles reimagined Disney princesses as different races. The results are amazing. Which reimagined princess do you like best?

Your Favorite Disney Dames Reimagined & Culture-Bent!

The incredible illustrator of art Tumblr, Let There Be Doodles!, has put THE most awesome twist on our favorite Disney dames…reimagining them into more diverse depictions, that are absolutely stunning! These gorgeously transformed ladies really capture a more realistic and totally beautiful representation of all the perfect and different cultures that our epic world has… More »

Disney Unhappily Ever After

Disney characters lived in a world full of magic and love. It was a wonderful era. When I was a kid, I dreamed of discovery such a world. Unfortunately I grew…

This Year’s Met Gala Was Full Of Disney Princesses

The ladies at this year’s Met Gala looked like our favorite Disney princesses wearing high fashion on the red carpet.

Disney Characters Get Modern, Couture Makeover

Is there anything better than high-fashion and Disney characters? I’m going to go out on a limb and say “no.” It’s always fun to see classic childhood favorite princesses and villians reinterpreted in different…

Your Favorite Disney Characters Get Facebook

Ever wonder what it would be like to be Facebook friends with your favorite Disney peeps?? Well it has proven to be quite hilarious. Some genius people on the interwebs came up with some Facebook posts for our favorite princes and princesses and they are on point! Check them out! Which Disney character would you… More »

The Walking Disney!

I saw this the other day and just had to share! This is such an amazing set of art by Kasami-Sensai that can be found on Deviantart.com! This particular artist has come out with multiple sets of artwork from celebrities to tv and movie characters, but this one really stood out to me! Disney meets… More »

When Disney Princesses Meet Game Of Thrones

Hey Buzznetes, I know how you like Disney Princesses and Game Of Thrones, so I found special for you cool illustrations created by the American illustrator Sam Tsui. What do you…

My First Trip To Disneyland!

Hey guys, 

I just recently got to finally enjoy my first trip to Disneyland! I had no idea what to expect but ended up having a blast. Now I get why everyone has a season pass…

Katy Perry As Snow White: Disney Princess Movies Too Good To Be True

After the uproar of the possibility that Emma Watson might be staring in The Little Mermaid yesterday, I had to dive deeper into it and get to the bottom of it. I am sorry to report but I think it might be false info. I came across this artist, Thomas Kurniwan who crafted up these… More »

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