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Beautiful Audrey Kitching Fan Art from deviantART!

Guess what today is? It’s Buzznet’s Style Editor-at-Large Audrey Kitching‘s birthday, and we’re teaming up with some of the best deviantArtists to celebrate! Here are their tributes to our favorite…

DeviantART Interview of the Week: The Comic Marvels of Reilly Brown

With the deviantART-sponsored Artist Alley at Comic Con only days away, artist Reilly Brown has a lot to prep for. The co-founder of TenTonStudios, which is THE place for professional…

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Fan Art

in one strange way or another, the Harry Potter series has affected many of us. We’ve learned valuable lessons about friendship, the triumph of the heart, and what a bad ass Severus Snape is. We’ve learned about love, sacrifice, and Hufflepuffs. We’ve also learned a lot about ourselves. As we write this into to this… More »

DeviantART Interview of the Week: The Macabre Art of Natalie Shau

The art of Natalie Shau is something to behold. Her macabre-inspired art has been used to grace album covers (including Kerli‘s “Love is Dead”), inspired videos, and she has recently self-published a book…

Transformers: Incredible Optimus Prime Fan Art

This weekend Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters and all of our favorite Autobots and Decepticons will be back on the big screen. Sure we all have our favorite Transformer, but hand down the most beloved bot is Optimus Prime! Prime is the stud of the Autobots known for his loyalty, sense of justice… More »

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