You walk by a dark, downtown alley. A skeevy little man whistles your way. You lower your head and pretend to text, but he ushers you closer. Your eyes scan the sidewalk for possible escapes, but you find yourself led deeper into the shadows. And then you see it…..yes, an oasis in the abyss. What… More »

Miley Cyrus Takes Fashion Week By Storm

Miley Cyrus is giving Ashlee Simpson a run for her money as the queen of New York Fashion Week. The 20-year-old starlet made her debut at Fashion Week at Rachel Zoe‘s show in a chic red suit by the designer. Since then, she’s been hitting the streets, and the shows, in edgy ensembles, often featuring… More »

Obsessed with….Ashi

Mohammed Ashi is a young award-winning Saudi fashion designer who mixes voluminous feminine tulle and sleek constructed shapes to create his almost fantastical, yet totally wearable romantic designs. Obsessed….<3 Moon babies, who’s designs are u obsessed with right now? love, k Check out I Can’t Believe You’re A Human PT 6!!! & Fairytails are Real!!!… More »

Celebrity & Designer Nails

It seems that celebrities and designers alike are going crazy for nails these days! Whether it’s a pop-culture powerhouse family like the Kardashians, tween pop idol like Justin Bieber, or hip runway fashion designer like Jason Wu, everyone it seems is designing their own polish or nail collection. Not only are celebrities and designers designing… More »

Line I Love: Gasoline Glamour

Happy Halloween guys!!! What are you dressing up as? I went as Rufio from Hook this weekend. I want more candy. So, there are a few photos floating around the internet of gorgeously bedazzled platform shoes, and I always adored them but never knew anything about them – until two nights ago, when, after a… More »

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