Incredible Music-Themed Bedrooms

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your bedroom and adding a music-themed element to it, look no further than our gallery of inspiration! From vinyl to posters to instrument decor, these bedrooms will tug on your heartstrings on repeat! It’s hard to choose just one! Let us know your faves!


I went shopping a couple of weeks ago in KMART, we don’t have that many here anymore but I was near one so I thought I would stop in. KMART was popular before Walmart came to Long Island and now I wish I had one closer to my house because it was quite nice. The… More »


When I was in Walmart the other day I saw this display out in the nursery area and just had to get a shot of him !!! He was so very tall and not very scary since it was daytime but I think he could scare you in the dark 😀 Black and White just… More »

Face Decoration

Either used to cover, enhance or create, make-up is one of my favorite art forms ever. I am so passionate about it cause it gives us the freedom to shape shift and take on different characters. I recently had an honor to work with Katrin Sangla in Estonia. I was very inspired by her because… More »

My Little Xmas Tree

A few years ago I wanted to have my little Xmas tree in my bedroom over the one we usually have in the living room, so I found this pretty Xmas tree by Hello Kitty and each year I love to add something new, over the Hello Kitty decorations already included in the box, I… More »

Kawaii Hippo Cakes & Cupcakes

I think everyone of you already know my passion and love for hippos, I love to collect them: I have tons of different hippos like stuffed animals, little statue, frames, bubble baths, cups and more about these cute and fluffy animals. Insipired by the last gallery of Hanna Beth, I found such adorable hippo cakes… More »

Christmas Houseney

Freshly home off her Femme Fatale Tour, Britney’s slated to move from her home in Calabasas to Thousand Oaks. And she’s moving in in style!

Check out her home completely decked out for…

Vanilla Candles, Hello Kitty, Decorations and Xmas Tree

This afternoon my parents and I decorated our house in very Xmas style, we usually decorate the Xmas tree after my bday, but this years we decided to do it before! I really love decorate the Xmas tree and in general the house, there’s such a great atmosphere! My room smells of vanilla candles right… More »


I drove by that house that had the huge Halloween ghost and cat, now they have this turkey out there !!! My photo is pretty bad because it was getting dark out and my batteries were low. This one was so small compared to the other ones they had 😀


I passed this one day but I didn’t stop to take a photo. On Monday I stopped to get a few photos. I kind of liked it with this photoshop effect. I know I missed Squirrely Wednesday but it will be coming up maybe on Friday 😀

Weekly Inspiration

I decided to create another gallery about what inspired me this week. Check it out! 😉

Enjoying on Saturday

Yesterday it’s been a fantastic Saturday!

My parents & I with my sponsors at confirmation went in Austria, in ATRIO mall, (2 hours from my city) for shopping and for see Xmas markets inside the mall,…

Hello Kitty Xmas Tree

Hello Kitty Xmas Time

This afternoon I hang out w/ my parents around the city for some Xmas shopping and other stuff, we enjoyed a lot, the city starts to be bright from Xmas lights and there are some…

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