Incredible Music-Themed Bedrooms

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your bedroom and adding a music-themed element to it, look no further than our gallery of inspiration! From vinyl to posters to instrument decor, these bedrooms will tug on your heartstrings on repeat! It’s hard to choose just one! Let us know your faves!

5 Must-Have Decor Items For Chill Summer Vibes

We’ve reached the dead of summer. Temperatures are out of this world and the humidity is making your hair do questionable things. Now is the time in the season where a day (or night) indoors in air conditioning with your buds beats a full blown mosquito attack outside. So, let’s bring all your favorite chill… More »

Everything Beauty And Home You Need To Survive April

If you can’t tell by your allergies, it’s officially spring. Along with the new season comes new colors, clothing, makeup, and decor. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe, makeup, and home to match…

Spring Home Decor Makeover Must-Haves

If you’re getting your own place soon, or just wanting to spruce up your pad, this is the perfect post for you. Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to do some…

Nicole Richie Is Feautred On Coveteur, Has Most Amazing Life Ever

So I guess it’s finally settled: Nicole Richie has the best life ever. The designer was featured on fashion/decor/lifestyle website, The Coveteur and showed off her amazing clothes and garden. Yeah that’s right, garden. In addition to running to fashion lines and having a reality show, she plants her own fruit and vegetables. I literally… More »

Inspiring & Beautiful Wall Art Prints

I am in the middle of decorating my new house, and I’ve been looking for some huge art prints to put all over the walls. I want my house to reflect my love of modern inspiration, and I am hoping that in every room I will find tiny words of wisdom and the extra push… More »

Inspiration: Industrial Bedroom Decor

Now that the wedding is over and I’ve settled into my new job and life as a mrs. I have FINALLY started to decorate our beautiful house! Seriously, right now we are sleeping with janky curtains and a bed, and that is IT. It’s DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!! So, I’ve decided to start working on the… More »

BubbleGoth Your Dorm Room!

It’s time to go back to school, and I know some of you are going to college (how exciting!). With that comes a struggle to make a tiny dorm room all yours on a budget. So, I did some research and found you MoonBabies some inexpensive rad items from my favorite bargain shopping places. I… More »

Face Decoration

Either used to cover, enhance or create, make-up is one of my favorite art forms ever. I am so passionate about it cause it gives us the freedom to shape shift and take on different characters. I recently had an honor to work with Katrin Sangla in Estonia. I was very inspired by her because… More »

Room Decor Inspiration!

I am so excited that next month Swoon + Me get to move into our house! It took YEARS to save up and I cannot believe that we bought our first house! It is so amazing inside, and I am so inspired by so many different types of furniture and decor. I’ve lived in 9… More »

Jessi Jae Joplin For The Silver Factory April 2013 Lookbook

Check out these awesome photos from the April 2013 lookbook I shot for one of my most favorite brands, The Silver Factory. The Silver Factory is an eclectic lifestyle brand dedicated to inspiring people through unique designs, creativity, and cultural understanding. Not only are their graphic tee’s super comfortable, but they also portray a positive… More »

What’s On Ashlee Holmes’ Shopping List?

I’m going to be moving into yet another new apartment come September. I’m already making my shopping list for my new place. I’m going to do a gypsy wonderland theme for the majority of the apartment. Apothecary stuff, skulls, lanterns, music related things, artwork etc… In the kitchen I’m going to have more of an… More »

Pop Culture Posters

You’re so over plastering your walls with guylinered dudes with studded belts, and you’re not quite ready to purchasing Picasso reprints. Leaving your walls blank is certainly not an option, after all,  your room is…

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