New Behind-The-Scenes Britney Spears Vegas Rehearsal Pics

Vegas rehearsals are definitely underway! Choreographer Blake McGrath Instagramed a photo last week of the “Slave” choreography, and another involved couldn’t contain their excitement either. It’s unclear, but rumor has it these “rehearsals” are actually for a backdrop during the Vegas show. Check out some of the latest hashtags from the source: “Shooting #britneyspears dancers!… More »

Britney Spears 2013’s News, Gossip, Rumors & Updates

Also this 2012 is done and I wanna thank you so much for all the comments (+850), views (almost 170,000), buzzes & suggestions (+479) on the previous Britney’s Out & About 2012 gallery; I’m so glad you are always interesting about what’s happening to my Goddess and Legendary Miss B. So here I am with… More »

How To Deal With Haters

Someone once told me this: “if you don’t have haters, you ain’t shit” Here is my best advice on how to deal with those nasty, mean, worst-evers and all the haterade they send your way! ps. make sure to go to my facebook page under “Free Chapter” and sign up for my weekly motivational moonbeams!

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