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This Is What Happened When I Broke Up With A Guy I Really Liked

It’s been just over two weeks since I broke up with a guy I thought maybe could be something more than a late summer fling. He kind of came out of nowhere, when I was least expecting to make a more-than-friend connection. Living in the age of social media, it all started when I fell… More »

6 Perfect Fall Date Ideas

Fall is just around the corner and we are so excited! Finally, the heat and never-ending sweat can GTFO as we make room for cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything and of course, cozying up to your significant other. If you have someone in mind you’re dying to ask out this season, now is your time to… More »

7 Steps Of Making Out With A Bad Kisser

There is nothing worse than getting caught sucking face with someone who has no idea what they’re doing. It can be seriously awkward, and there’s no doubt you will go through these seven things. 1. Denial. After all the build up you’re not going to allow yourself to believe this super babe sucks at kissing…even… More »

This Is How I Was Rejected By My Dream Guy

These days it’s soooo easy to hide behind your computer or smartphone, swiping left and right, liking profiles, and chatting with a potential love interest. Rejection is as easy as a tap of a button with no stress or guilt attached to being honest with someone face-to-face in real life. It’s so simple to be a coward and… More »

11 Red Flags To Look For When Dating A New Dude

The excitement of talking to a new guy you’re into can make you feel like a puppy love obsessed tween all over again. It all starts out fine. In the beginning, he’s charming, sweet, respectful, kind. Then all of a sudden those red flags start showing and you’re frozen in place as you try to… More »

20 Things That Happen When You Have A Crush

Crushes are called that for a reason…because they can literally crush you. Whether it be because you’re too afraid to tell someone how you feel, or the person you have all the feels for doesn’t like you back, it’s pretty easy to relate to the following 20 things one can go through when battling heartfelt emotions… More »

What It Feels Like When Heartache Starts To Fade

Getting your heart crushed is never an easy thing to deal with. There’s the constant ache, the sting, the pit in your stomach, and the inability to focus your thoughts on anything but what is causing your heart to feel like it’s being ripped to shreds. While it’s happening, it can seem as though this… More »

Dating Tips From A Fed Up Single Woman

Over the years, I’ve been asked why I’m single. The number one answer is that I’m picky and let’s be honest – I’m old-fashioned. Nowadays, it seems like effort is a foreign concept and hooking up is the norm and I’m not about that life. While I may not be fed up with being single… More »

5 Reasons Chloe Moretz And Brooklyn Beckham Are The Cutest Young Hollywood Couple

One Instagram post was all it took for Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham to confirm that they are, indeed, young Hollywood’s cutest new couple. It’s not hard to understand why these two would be attracted to each other, but check out these five reasons why their relationship is pretty perfect and destined to last. 1. They have… More »

5 Red Flags The Person You’re Dating Is A D-Bag

I don’t know if it’s just me, but dating these days seems to be like one big disappointment. Meeting someone and making an insta-connection always feels good. There’s the attention, the fun dates, the compliments, the excitement that you might finally be on your way to having a steady plus one to everything, then you wake… More »

5 Ways To Cope In A Hookup Obsessed Culture

Let’s get right to the point: we live in a hookup obsessed culture. The art of dating just may become extinct in the coming years as apps like Tinder make their way up the social ladder, making finding that special someone even harder than scoring Halsey tickets. If you’re like me, you probably curse under… More »

Zendaya Sets Her Dating Rumor Record Straight

Zendaya graces the cover of Complex‘s Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016 issue and, unsurprisingly, presents herself as a poised, thoughtful and socially conscious young woman who has managed to navigate the choppy waters of fame with all the grace and calm of a seasoned professional. Touching on subjects like growing up biracial, transitioning from Disney child star… More »

10 Things Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield’s Relationship Has Taught Us

In Hollywood heartbreak news, word has been buzzing that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield‘s seemingly perfect relationship ended months ago, leaving all of us a little lost and wondering if true love can really last. The good news is the pair are reportedly still close, on good terms, and will remain friends, but their relationship taught… More »

Chloe Moretz Is Dating! You’ll Never Guess Who!

After seeing Chloe Moretz grow up before our eyes, it’s kind-of crazy to think she’s ready for dating! The 17-year-old is one of Hollywood’s current “it” girls, making her

The Buzznet Breakdown: Jared Leto’s Love Life

It’s no secret Jared Leto is Hollywood’s current hotness. The 42-year-old actor is the…

Wait, What?! Jared Leto’s Dating Miley Cyrus Now?

Just yesterday we reported on the rumor that Jared Leto was dating fellow Oscar nominee, Lupita Nyong’o. Now, we’re hearing that he may be hooking up with a very different young star.

Best Rumor Ever? Jared Leto May Be Dating Lupita Nyong’o

We don’t have any confirmation about this rumor, but it’s too good to not be true! Apparently, there is a story going around that the darlings of this award season, Lupita Nyong’o of 12 Years…

Relationship Blog: The Lovers, The In-betweeners, & The Lonely.

Love is a beautiful thing when you know exactly what it is. That four letter word is so foreign to me and I’m pretty okay with that…

HELP! Do You Get Him A Gift? Is It Too Soon/Early? #Valentinesdayconfusion

duh duh duhhhh

The unanticipated holiday all singles dread, couples stress about, and married people forget lol.

Valentines Day.

From a personal perspective and putting my business out there, I will be…

What Christina Perri’s New Music Video “Human” Means To Me

“I can turn it on

Be a good machine

I can hold the weight of worlds

If that’s what you need

Be your everything”

-Christina Perri-

It is in…