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Yesterday I am sure you either watched football, had a family dinner, finished up some homework, slept in, or watched a Cat Fish marathon. Dreading going to bed to…

Happy Birthday Nick Jonas, My Brother From Another Mother

The heart throb of our generation turns 21 today. Now the moms across the world who have…

5 Year Anniversary Of Moving To Los Angeles CA: A Trip Inside My Heart & Mind.

My 5 year Anniversary in Los Angeles.

The land of dream makers, goal chasers, wanna bees, heart throbs, heart breakers and more. I came here 5 years ago this month, to pursue a dream of mine I…

How To Eat Healthy At A BBQ

Hey guys, I hope you all had an awesome 3 day weekend and a fun Labor Day! It was a hot one here in LA so me and some pals decided to throw a pool party. I tapped into my Rachel Rae side and made some healthy vegetarian snacks for everyone that I want to… More »

No Matter Where You Are: Don’t Be Afraid To Get Your Twerk On!

In honor of the movie Battle of The Year (coming out September 20th!), Buzznet is running the…

My Best Friend Courtney Galiano Choreographs & DANCES On SYTYCD

Best friends are meant for a lot of things. They are meant to be there when you need a hug and or a slap across the face. They are there to come over when it’s that time of the month to sit, eat Ben & Jerry‘s, watch endless hours of Grey’s Anatomy and not say… More »

Dani And Danny Discuss Late Night Texts

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If someone would invent an app, that could decode late night texts they would be a millionaire.

I Reunited With My Jonas Family+ Friends To Play Soccer For Charity!

Saturday I got to rejoin with my tour family and be apart of a soccer rivalry game that started when we were on tour almost 4 years ago in South America! So crazy how time flies. Bilbo Real, and AC United joined the field at LA Galaxy to play for a good cause, Change For… More »

Dani & Danny Share Their Thoughts On Relationships & Social Media

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Welcome to the first episode of a new Buzzmaker series with myself and pal/ co-host, Danny Kurily. We will be talking about all things…

Create Your Own ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ Meme

One thing you need to know about me. I LOVE MEMES and when I heard the lads of One Direction had a meme generator on their site to promote their new movie “One Direction: This…


I’ve had so many things happen recently and I wanted to post but haven’t had the balls to publish on my blog.I feel like sometimes I get wrapped up in worrying about what people…

Dani Vitale Hears Fans’ Warped Tour Confessions!

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One of the best things about Warped Tour is all of the spirit the fans have. Everyone that goes to the show is thrilled to see their…

Hear Me Out With Dani Vitale

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Ever say to yourself “This is the worst day ever”, “My life sucks”, “Things are never going to get better”, “I hate everyone and everything” ?

Dani Vitale In The Jonas Brothers “First Time” Music Video


So I posted a blog a couple weeks back about going to Las Vegas with my friends, and it happened to turn into a music video for

Get An Exclusive Tour Of Buzznet’s Booth On Warped Tour!

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This year Buzznet has a booth inside Keep A Breast Girlz Garage all summer long on The Vans Warped Tour. At the California dates earlier this…

Dani Vitale’s Summer Day In The Life Diary


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My summer diary! I show you what I do on a typical day in Los Angeles California! How I stay in shape, what I do to stay…

Dani Vitale Quizzes Brian Dales On Current Fashion Trends! (Part Two)

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I had a great time with Dani Vitale going over my thoughts…

Memories Over Money: Dani Goes To Vegas With The Jonas Brothers

Last weekend I got to learn something very important. Something that put me, my priorities, and happiness in check. So let me ask a few questions, how many times do you stay in at night because you’d rather play it safe on the couch? How many times have you declined a b-day invite because you… More »

Dani Vitale Quizzes Brian Dales On Current Fashion Trends! (Part One)

Hey Buzzers, 

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I got a really cool opportunity to sit down with one of my fellow Buzzmakers, Brian Logan Dales, of The Summer Set and…

Dani Vitale Dances For The Swon Brothers On The Voice!

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Last night was so fun being able to dance on The Voice

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