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Dani Vitale Dances With Katy Perry At The Grammy Awards!

To have the oppportunnity to say that this was my second time being apart of the iconic Grammy Award show is crazy to me!! Two years ago I performed with Rihanna and it was so incredible. This year I got to share the stage with Katy Perry & Juicy J! We performed her new sick… More »

#daniootweek wrap up!

Hey fashion lovers! This was my first week doing my #ootweek (outfit of the week for you newbies) i had such a great response i can’t wait to do it again! Basically what I decided to do, instead of just outfits everyday of cool shit that I can’t even afford but I love looking at… More »

Monday Inspiration To RESPECT YOU.

“Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.”

It all comes down to having respect…

Get long lean LEGS in your leggings!

Leggings are always in and come on ladies, I KNOW we all want to look good in them. There is just something sexy about looking good in a legging 🙂 Here are some amazing workouts that I do for my legs to keep em lean and sexy 😉 What man doesn’t like nice legs? xo… More »

New Year = New Thoughts. Get inspired!

2013 flew before my eyes. I never regret much, but one thing from the past year is that I didn’t sit in the moments as much as  I should of. I am not going to…

What Christina Perri’s New Music Video “Human” Means To Me

“I can turn it on

Be a good machine

I can hold the weight of worlds

If that’s what you need

Be your everything”

-Christina Perri-

It is in…

Dec. 30th: Holiday Hangover Thoughts…?

Dec: 30th P.S I Love You

As the holiday season starts to end, the New Year is just around the corner; reality starts to…

December 19th: Ohio is for Lovers

Ohio. Home. Where my heart is. Also the title of my favorite and only song I know by Hawthorne Heights…

Where I learned to love. I learned to love people, myself, dance, things, places, feelings…

My Photo Diary: Weekend In Santiago Chile!

So this past weekend I went to Santiago Chile for a show with Sky Blu and BBU (Big Bad University) Sky is from LMFAO and I had to learn the whole 2 hour show in…

Geisha Realness: Dancing On The Stage With Katy Perry At The AMAs

Hey guys! So this past week I have been pretty busy prepping for the opening number for the AMA’s if you didn’t see! I was apart of Katy Perry’s beautiful performance to “Unconditional” to kick this years show off with a bang. I got to work with the amazing choreographers Nick Florez and RJ Durell…. More »

Nicki Bluhm and the Gamblers Inspired Me To Share My Dreams

Dreaming. Everyone does it, but there is a difference between people who will do anything in their power to pursue a dream and those who are afraid…

Fall Out Boy Talk Pet Sitting And Spending The Holidays Together

This past Sunday I had the great opportunity to be surrounded by so…

Jared Leto: Long Hair, Don’t Care #ombre

After watching/writing about the City of Angels movement video I was inspired to make a collection of Jared Leto. But then I thought to myself, “I can’t be predictable and just post ordinary hot photos of him”.. He has so many different looks, and the one he is in right now with the shoulder length… More »

Thirty Seconds To Mars ‘City Of Angels’ Video Premiere

As we all know, I Dani Vitale, have a minor love obsession with Jared Leto.

One of my favorite things about him is the path he paves with his music. His videos, his messages in the…

I Nailed it!

So i am not a crazy nail art person, but two of my friends, Vanessa Hudgens and fellow buzzneter Brittany Hagerty are. We actually all go to the same nail salon. Our ladies are bomb!! They always make fun of me though that I never get anything “cool” lol. I always stick to the classics,… More »

Monday INSPIRATION: Friendships: Pick them wisely.

Happy Monday again friends!

Sorry I have been working on the TV show GLEE! 😀 and traveling teaching a ton, so I haven’t been on my…

Monday Inspiration: Friendships. Pick Them Wisely.

Happy Monday again friends!

Sorry I have been working on the TV show GLEE! 😀 and traveling teaching a ton, so I haven’t been on my…

WIN VIP Passes To Rob Zombie Haunted House + 3OH!3 Concert

Hey Buzznet! Happy Month of October. I love this time of year as I am a major horror fan and love dressing up in crafty costumes. A few…

Goodbye Summer: Dani Interviews Brian Dales On His Warped Wardrobe!

[kaltura id=0_0klu14eo autoplay=0 type=single]

So as we start to put our jean shorts away and on the hunt for cute oversized…

TASTY Tuesday: Cheesy Quinoa & Broccoli Patties

Before I go posting a bunch of cute Halloween dessert recipes I have to get one healthy yummy one in 🙂

These amazing patties are high in protein, fiber, magnesium and iron. Healthy can taste good…

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