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BTS: Jeffree Star Gives Us A Sneak Peek At His Prom Makeup Tutorial!

Hey Beauties! As you know I have been booking my Extreme Beauty makeup classes all over the country! They say not to reveal your tricks but I wanted to share them exclusively with you all on Buzznet! I sat down with a fellow Buzzmaker, Dani Vitale, and gave her a “Prom Inspired Smokey Eye Look”… More »

Because I’m Happy: Jessi Jae Joplin for Happiness Brand

I recently did a super fun photoshoot for Happiness Brand… and I must say, it was a blast! Happiness Brand was started by a couple of fashion students from Los Angeles who began expressing themselves through t-shirts and selling them for 10 dollars to friends. They teamed up with an Italian family factory… and the… More »

Ashlee Holmes: How I Lost My Weight

You dolls have been asking me FOREVER how I lost all of my weight…. I’m still on my journey to get fit, BUT I thought that I would FINALLY share some of my tips/secrets with you. I’ll get more elaborate in a post I plan on writing in the future… but for now… here’s the… More »

Welcome Paul DiGiovanni To The Buzznet Family

Hey everyone, after being quiet for far too long, here I am. Buzznet is something that has always surrounded and interested me. As far back as my Boys Like Girls memory goes I can…

JC Chasez Talks ‘NSync, Brian Dales & William Beckett’s Instagram Intervention: Video Vault

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This week’s Video Vault has it all! JC Chasez made us all fall in love with his sweet, funny Last Questions. He even talks about ‘N Sync!…

Behind The Scenes Video Shoot, Acoustics, A New Buzznet Series: Video Vault

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Remember that new Buzznet series we told you about? It debuted this week! Danny Kurily and Dani Vitale premiered two episodes of their new show, and you can check out…

Video Vault: More Brian Dales & A Preview Of A New Buzznet Original Series!

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In this week’s Video Vault, we’ve got a sneak peek at a new Buzznet original series starring our Buzzmakers Danny Kurily and Dani Vitale!

Plus, we’ve got an interview from our…

Sneak Peek: Dani Vitale And Danny Kurily Team Up For New Series!

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Our Buzzmakers Dani Vitale & Danny Kurily have teamed up to bring to you a take on Modern Dating in a new video series here on…

Dani Vitale’s Best Buzznet Video Moments! Happy Birthday!

Today we celebrate our very own Buzznet Buzzmaker Dani Vitale‘s 23rd Birthday. We are so happy to have Miss Vitale on here blogging, hosting videos and sharing her lifestyle tips with us. Take…

Video Vault: Acoustic Performances, William Beckett Is A Buzzmaker And More

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Here at Buzznet, we’re…

Video Vault June 23, 2013

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Here at Buzznet, we’re posting super cool exclusive videos all week. Just in case you…

Survival Guide: What I’m Bringing To Coachella

This coming weekend I am going to partake in the madness that is Coachella with Buzzmaker Dani Vitale. I’m so excited to run around in the polo fields soaking up the sun, snapping photos, people watching, dancing to music and eating festival food. After all, that’s what I’m supposed to do right? A really important… More »

NYC Social Media Week Panel

I spoke on the Social Media panel at NYC Social Media Week! It was so nice to finally meet fellow Buzzmaker Dani Vitale. You can watch our panel speech in the video below! We go on at the one hour in mark if you want to fast forward it! When NYC is 20 degrees it… More »

Prom Redo!

Last night I got to attend Prom For Hope at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Got to see Nat and Sean DJ from 3OH!3, andI also got to sit down with them before and get the inside scoop of their Prom do’s and don’ts! Here are a few pictures I took! Stay tuned for the… More »

Open The Gates, There’s A Flood Of Emotion

Wow. The only word that can encompass what has happened the past days. 

Rejection. Love. Passion. Anger. Old memories. Dejavu. Hurt. Happy. New walls. New secrets. Old stories. Past times. 

I have…

You Got Game, But He Might Not Want To Play…

Wait, what? I don’t understand how he couldn’t be into me? I do everything right? I give him his space? I do my own thing? I don’t overwhelm him? His friends like me? How come things can’t be like they were in high school. Sending notes in lockers, and having his bff telling my bff… More »

What I learned this weekend.

Each month I try to sit down and write some short term goals to try and accomplish in this 30 day period.

Making rent is always number one. ha. but besides worrying about finances, which is…

When You’re Not Working On Something, Choose Something Else To Work On!

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their…

What Is In My Closet For Spring 2012!

So I have this idea for the spring time coming up to post things in my life that happen during the season! I wont give away what topics exactly. But inside tips on fashion, health, advice etc. based on the spring time. So here is a little gallery of some items I’ve recently purchased and… More »

Happy Birthday (creepy fan girl letter)

Dear, Paul Allen, Steve Prefontaine, Toby Jacobs, Angel Face, Harry Goldfarb, Junior, and where I initially fell in love with you as, Jordan Catalano. Happy Birthday! You were born in Louisiana on December 26. Your nickname is J and you are 5’10’’. 5 inches taller than me, so when I have heels on our eyes… More »

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