Interview With Kenz Torres

Dear Buzznet & Buzzneters,
I’m so honored to introduce you Kenz Torres, new member of our amazing community. He’s young man from beautiful place on earth and wonderful…


Self-harm it serious and dangerous problem. Often it touches kids, teenagers, prisoners or people struggling with eating disorders, depression etc Overcome isn’t easy but always we have to try.

Bloggers Against Cyberbullying!

Please, check out this great group on Buzznet: Join the BAC group today if you are against cyberbullying of any kind. Also, please feel free at any time to submit a story to the group about yourself, a friend, or anyone that has dealt with cyberbullying in any way. What do you think about it?… More »

How To Deal With Being Bullied

Back in the day, bullying mainly took place in the classroom, on the bus, or on the playground at school. In more recent times, aside from the schoolyard bullying, there’s another kind of bullying that’s going on: cyberbullying. In our day and age where even the youngest of students have access to cell phones and… More »

PARAMORE: Anti-Cyberbullying message

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