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So I thought I would post a cat video for CATERDAY. I thought this was kind of cute how Mia the Bengal cat and Bayou both want the box and maybe both get it in the end 😀

Naughty Or Nice? Miley And Santa Getting Up Close And Personal

Miley and Santa have been getting awfully close this holiday season. I am wondering if she is on the naughty or nice list. I love love Miley and I know her twerking all up on Santa is all in good fun and I’m all for it. Let’s take a look back at all the fun… More »

Cats in Sweaters!

Finally after a long awaited two months, my computer is back from the dead! And what better way to clelebrate its revival as well as this lovely season than some adorable photos of cats wearing sweaters?! Enjoy! Are you planning on dressing your pet this holiday season?

One Direction’s Niall Horan Proposes To Katy Perry: “She Said Yes!”

Katy Perry and Niall Horan played with our hearts, while in Japan, joking about their engagement. The One Direction singer posted an Instagram pic of him and Katy saying “she said yes! It’s happening…

Happy Friday! 12 Baby Pandas To Get You To The Weekend

Baby pandas are one of the cutest things – like ever. Recently, Zoo Atlanta named their 100-day old panda twins and released a video that chronicles the first days of their life. Needless to say…

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Cute Things

Oh internet, how you pull me in with all the cute things in the world… Here are some of my favorites! What are your favorite things right now? More For You: Ruocco’s Recipes: Feat. Potato Chip Cookies!

Disney Themed Jack-O-Lanterns To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

October has arrived! I can now get excited about fall and Halloween without feeling like I am getting ahead of myself. With that being said, it is time to start planning my Halloween costume and carving pumpkins. What’s better than a cute jack-o-lantern on Halloween? A DISNEY jack-o-lantern on Halloween, obviously! These are amazing and… More »

The Evolution Of Hilary Duff: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of the only child stars who has never cracked. Today, September 28, is Hilary Duff’s 26th birthday. The Lizzie McGuire star turned mom has been bracing us with her cuteness since 2003. She’s a rare gem who didn’t follow in many child stars’ footsteps and end up in rehab, jail or… More »

Love Through IG: Newly Engaged (After Only 3 Months) Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting

After only THREE months of dating, The Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco and hottie tennis boo, Ryan Sweeting are engaged. A rep told Us Weekly, “It’s only been three months but she knows Ryan is the one. When you know, you know.” If you follow either of them on Instagram you can see just… More »

Question Of The Day: Can You Find Me Something Cute On The Internet?

I am really tired. I am usually tired a lot but right now I am moreso than usual. For the last many of nights, my brain has decided to wake me up at about 3…

New Song! Don’t Let Me Go (Preview)

Today I released a preview of my new song “Don’t Let Me Go!” This is the first in a series of songs that will be released between me and…

30 Reasons Why My Bandmates Are My Best Friends

To keep up with this month’s theme of fall in love, I’m going to tell you all why I love the Hearts’ boys so much. Sure, sometimes…

Lil Puppy Climbs Down First Set of Stairs

I’ll just place this here.

Style Profile: The Lucky Crown

I was never a huge fan of flower crowns – until I heard of The Lucky Crown. Lola from Orange County, CA has captured the art of the perfect flower…

Tweet To Win: Stud x Jessica Ess Collab

Hey ladies and gentlemen!

[kaltura id=0_svgy90cf autoplay=0 type=single]

I have another fabulous giveaway for you! My first ever fashion collaboration just released, and I would love to share a few of my favorite pieces with…

Falling In Love With…. Dresses

This past month I have been falling in love with a duo from Portland called, Dresses. They just put out a debut album, Sun Shy!

Fall In Love With: 10 Baby Animals That Are Sleepier Than You

Today is rainy and gross and hot outside. Tomorrow is Friday. That means today ISN’T Friday. Things are looking dismal. I’m tired, I’m hungry and I don’t want to be working. You feel? I’m sure…

Take A Look Inside: A Picture Perfect Fairy Tale Disney Wedding

Here are Buzznet we all love everything Disney. My friend, Amy, married the love of her life, Jonathan, on the Fourth Of July 2013. She truly had the most magical, beautiful Disney themed wedding, AT DISNEY WORLD. This wedding was literally picture perfect. From the wedding dress, the venue, cake, the dance floor, every little… More »

Ryan Phillippe Is Another Year Older And I Still Love Him

Two words…Cruel Intentions. Two words: Ryan Phillippe. One Word: BABE! I have alwyas been such a big fan of his movie and his face.

Today is…

Exclusive Interview With Kota Wade Of Girl Radical

Hey music pals,

I want to share an amazing talent with you named Kota Wade. She is 1 of 11 girls in this girl power filled group called…

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