The 40 Cutest Christmas Cupcakes Ever

Christmas is just a couple weeks away, and before Santa comes ho ho ho-ing into your home, you better find time to get your butt in the kitchen to create some insanely delicious holiday treats! If you’re a cupcake kind of person, you’ll be blown away by the jaw dropping cuteness of the Christmas themed… More »

Eye Popping Thanksgiving Themed Cupcakes To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a day to eat, eat, eat and eat some more! We don’t know about you, but we’re more stuffed than the turkey once dessert is over! Seeing as a sweet treat is one of THE BEST parts of turkey day, we couldn’t resist pulling together the cutest Thanksgiving cupcakes. Seriously…these would be hard to gobble up!… More »

Band Inspired Cupcakes

Okay, let’s be honest. Is there really anything better than your favorite bands and cupcakes? No. Exactly. So why not combine the two?? What a wonderful idea! Here are some cupcakes that represent some awesome bands! Get inspired and create some of your own! What’s your favorite band?

42 Yummy Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

February is here! You know what that means, all things Valentine! Get ready for tons of red and pink and hearts everywhere <3 What better way to kick off this lovely month than with Valentine’s Day cupcakes?! These are all so perfect to make for your loved one, friends or treat yourself because, why not?!… More »

Happy 51 Birthday Mommy!

Today it’s my mommy 51 birthday!!!!

But we celebrated her yesterday with our closest friends at home.

My mom cooked a lot of yummie food and we…

The Best Disney Clothes Ever!

Here at Buzznet we love all things Disney. From tattoos and cupcakes to shoes and even Disney inspired wedding rings we love it all. We also love Disney clothes, obv! The next best thing to going to Disney is wearing Disney. After seeing these Little Mermaid leggings at HotTopic, I wanted to put together a… More »

All Star Month: Cupcakes!!!

Who doesn’t like cupcakes??? I don’t know!! I think that we love so much these tasty cakes. Even when I think about America, I see cupcakes!!!
I didn’t eat true…

Yummy St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

It’s time to indulge into some delicious cupcakes. St. Patrick’s day has finally arrived and with that comes all things green, including food. I have put together some of the most yummy looking St Patrick’s day cupcakes I could find. I just can’t help myself sometimes once I start browsing food on the Internet. Once… More »

Aquamarine Is The Color Of March

Somehow it is already March,where did the time go!? I feel like just yesterday I was booking my flight home for Christmas and planning out my Halloween costume. I looked up some March fashion and life inspiration photos and found out the color for March is one of my absolute favorites, aquamarine! There is just… More »


Hello everybody, I want to share my passion that are the cupcakes! I love baking cupcakes, decorate and eat. I have a small company called Viva la Cupcake, where I sell cupcakes, pies, cakepops, caramel…

Why Not Share The Things I Love

Today is all about sharing and celebrating the things you love (Even though I believe this should occur year round). Sure, I’m single and haven’t recieved a text from the guy I like (Bummer). But…

30 Touchdown-Worthy Super Bowl Cupcakes

The Super Bowl is this Sunday (2/3) and you know what that means: PARTIES GALORE! Let’s be honest, I don’t know a thing about football (or most sports, really). But I do know a thing or two about parties – from attending to hosting, I’m all about a good one! When I think Super Bowl… More »

30 Magical Disney Cupcakes

Nothing makes me happier than Disney AND cupcakes! Does it even get better than that? Put them together and you have MAGIC. I have been in such a Disney mood lately and came across some Disney cupcakes that I just had to share! These are too cute and so look absolutely amazing! I can’t even… More »

owl cupcakes

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes With Almond ‘Buttercream’ And Raspberry Glaze

Delicious Chocolate cupcakes topped with fluffy sweet clouds of frosting and a fruity raspberry glaze!

<p style="font-size: 18px; color: #50c372; text-decoration: none;…

Yummy Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is a time for scary movies, haunted houses, carving pumpkins, costumes and most importantly sweets! For the month of October you have a pass for all things candy and sweets. What better way to satisfy that sweet tooth than with a festive cupcake? Check out these fun and yummy Halloween cupcakes!

21 Sweet Back To School Cupcakes

School is now in session for most students attending high school and higher education. While the end of summer freedom is a major bummer, back to school is an amazing time of starting new chapters! Back to school got you down? Check out these 21 tasty back to school-themed cupakes!

Kawaii Hippo Cakes & Cupcakes

I think everyone of you already know my passion and love for hippos, I love to collect them: I have tons of different hippos like stuffed animals, little statue, frames, bubble baths, cups and more about these cute and fluffy animals. Insipired by the last gallery of Hanna Beth, I found such adorable hippo cakes… More »

✿ Slumber Party Photoshoot feat. Jessi Jae Joplin, Renee Olstead & Lola Blanc ✿

I recently did a slumber party themed photo shoot with a great group of girls including my friends and fellow Buzzmates Renee Olstead and Lola Blanc! The whole shoot was shot at the fabulous home of Tali De’Mar and was filled with cupcakes, pillow fights, and lots of pink! The photos came out great and… More »

My Best Friend’s Wedding!

This past weekend, one of my closest childhood friends Lindsey Moore (who happens to be older sister of previous Real Life Style Inspiration Whitney) got married! It was such an exciting, eventful and exceedingly gorgeous day in Carmel and Pebble Beach, California…Not to mention, she was such an incredibly beautiful bride! I felt like a… More »

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