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Cruel Intentions Fast Facts You Didn’t Know

In the 15+ years since Cruel Intentions hit the silver screen, it has amassed a cult fan base that hasn’t gone anywhere. Regardless of how many times you’ve seen the movie, or if you’re gearing up to watch it for the first time, here’s 15 facts about the movie that will make your jaw drop. 1. Cult indie-film, Welcome to… More »

QUIZ: What’s Your Cruel Intentions IQ?

Ryan Phillippe Is Another Year Older And I Still Love Him

Two words…Cruel Intentions. Two words: Ryan Phillippe. One Word: BABE! I have alwyas been such a big fan of his movie and his face.

Today is…

Question of the Day: What’s the Meanest Thing You’ve Ever Done On Purpose?

Cruel Intentions is trending on Twitter. I don’t know if it’s because of the movie or if people are actually talking about mean stuff, so let’s just make it the QOTD. Let’s talk about…

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