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CRAZY CAREERS — Last Interview and Chance to Win The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack and Base Game

For my last interview of the Crazy Career series, I talked to Pia Arrobio. Pia is always running, jumping and leaping doing a million things from producing photo shoots with big name photographers like Angela Boatwright to her work with People’s Revolution where she helps manage big events for clients such as Nylon. She’s amazingly… More »

Crazy Careers Part 4 — Jamie from Japan LA

One of my absolute favorite stores in LA is Japan LA. Ive been going since basically the day it opened 4 years ago and love the owner Jamie Rivadeneira. Jamie is definitely someone who has one of the coolest jobs. She’s a little kid at heart who loves her Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bears and Rilakkuma… More »

Crazy Careers Part 3

GBK Productions Gavin Keilly works 24/7, but its always for a good cause –charity. Gavin creates some of the most exclusive celebrity gifting lounges where he brings stars, charities and brands together, and I was lucky enough to catch up with him at his most recent one celebrating the MTV Movie Awards. In case you… More »

Crazy Careers Part 2 – Nick Simmons

As you guys know, I’m interviewing a bunch of people who I think have the coolest jobs. This week I sat down with my friend Nick… he’s always got a lot going on. He’s an actor, a musician and a comic book writer. I don’t know how he finds the time for everything but he’s… More »

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